Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend time wasters and doggie news

I had such big plans this weekend. I was going to get all kinds of assignments done for the photoshop class I'm taking done, clean the house, do some work I brought home from the office, cook fantastic meals, bake bread, and give myself a manicure. OK, the last two things weren't really on my list but they sound like something I'd plan to do! What I did was a little bit of each of these. I did 2 of the assignments from class , I straighten up my office (not the whole house), didn't do any work I brought home from the office, cooked a couple of decent meals (don't tell the homeboys they thought the food was fantastic), baked some pizza crusts into bread sticks, and filed my nails. I, also, drew a picture and did our taxes. Yeah, I know it sounds like a lot but when your as hyperactive as I seem to be this weekend was a lazy one for me.

Here is what I drew. See all the little plastic bags. I organized my pastels (part of the straighten the office part of the weekend). I couldn't stand having to search through my art bag for just the right color of pastel so I organized my whole bag then one thing lead to an other and my office was clean. I really have to stop doing things like this. I have been living with a messy office for months, why now I ask you did I have to clean my office. I don't have time for this sort of thing! I do feel better about it now though. Maybe I'll be more productive or not.

Dog news, Nessa got a bath and a trim. See how beautiful and happy she is...

And how happy Tripper is...

They are so happy because the Labrador Retriever that we were doggy sitting has gone home.

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