Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2nd lighthouse and the dogs

Here is the second drawing in my lighthouse series. All and all, I’m pretty happy with it. With the exception that it turn out to be an odd size. I usually plan this better. I always try to make them stock frame sizes, it’s the tightwad in me. I’m not sure what happened. I just started in and this is what came out. Oh well! I did start a third one this weekend but got caught up cleaning the carpets. With a puppy in the house I fear that carpet cleaning will become a ritual. It is not so much that she has accidents anymore but that she brings in all kinds on dirt from outside. Her favorite activity is digging in my flower pots and playing in my fountain. Two pursuits that spell muddy paws!
Back to the lighthouse phase, I think I can safely say that after the third one I’ll move on to something else. Sunflowers are becoming appealing.

I was going to do two different blogs today. One on my drawing and another on the dogs. Then, I thought "Why do two?" Lazy as I am you would think that doing two would never occur to me.

As you can see Nessa is now bigger size-wise than Tripper and at 24 pounds she is catching up weight-wise. I will not mention how much Tripper (so as to not embarrass him) weighs but I will say that he has lost some poundage since Nessa came to live with us. Aren't the first few pounds the easiest? He has absolutely no self-control and very little manners. He will eat his treat then try to grab Nessa's right out of her mouth. Bad dog!!

I tried to get a picture of her bear-like paws but she wouldn't have it. If it is true that puppies grow into their paws we're in big trouble:-)

P.S. Here is the long-suffering cat who lets the dogs chew on his head. You can't tell from this picture but usually his head is wet with dog slobber.

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  1. I love the lighthouse drawings and will look forward to seeing your sunflowers--one of my other favorites. I think that is the creative process, not being exactly sure what the end result will be.