Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last lighthouse

This is the last of my lighthouse phase. I'm sure I could draw more but I promised my family that I would move on. I've gotten really tired of the whining and begging. You would think that I had done a hundred of the little buggers the way that they carry on. Also, the walls of the house are getting pretty full. Time to start inflicting these things on my friends because the family has had enough. I could start sending them to the out-of-town folks. Now, there's an idea! They are far enough away that I wouldn't have to listen to the complaining. Sweet:-)
As I said before I'm going on to sunflowers or maybe my favorite flower, Black Eyed Susan's. I love the sturdy way that they stand along side the road. Here in Arizona the wildflowers should start to bloom soon. Great time to start a new series. I'm watching the State Parks website for updates.

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