Friday, January 10, 2014

Top 10 reasons why this was a good move for us!

I've been a pretty lame blogger these days and with my job responsibilities I don't see that situation ending anytime soon. I have been active on Facebook but mostly because it takes just seconds to upload a picture or status update. Blogging isn't like that or at least for me its not. I seem to take a long time to put down into words what I want to say. Except for today. Today I'm doing a Top Ten. That's right...I've gone there. A list post. It's a sad day for me I can tell you.

Here are the Top Ten reasons why our move to Washington State has been good for us

#10 The local farmers market is amazing. While not as big or year round like in Houston, this market is friendlier and very local. Such as know the name of the farmer, local. Or get invited to their farm, local. 

#9 JR can find his way around the town. Our town is so small that it is almost impossible for JR to get lost. You may be thinking; "What he lived in Houston for 4 years and he was lost?" JR can get lost in his own museum (name that movie quote?). JR is directionally challenged and in all the cities we've lived in it usually takes him many many years to know his way around. Oh, he can get to work and back and maybe to the grocery store but any place new is out. Our town is very small. As in there are only three streets in town that have stop lights. Getting anywhere in town is a 5 minute deal. I suspect it takes longer to get the car out of the garage than it does to get to the store. In good weather we walk.

#8 The scenery. You can not beat the views from my office. Even the drive to Costco (30 minutes away) is amazing.

#7 We live 1.2 miles from my office. See number 9 above. I can get in a little exercise going to and from work. Of course, that is only if the weather is nice. When it is 14 degrees out and windy that just doesn't happen. The campus is gorgeous, small and friendly. I've felt very welcome here.

#6 Wineries. We have at least 2 dozen or more wineries within 60 minute drive. We may or may not have visited several of them when we first got here. I may or may not have signed up for a wine club in a wine sloshed haze.

#5 Friends. Our long-time friends are all very close. In 2 hours we can be visiting with them or visa versa. Pretty happy about that situation

#4 My job is amazing and while it keeps me very busy I'm liking what I'm doing. Plus, the benefits are the best ever! 

#3 We are saving enough in reduced rent, power bill, health insurance, car insurance, etc that JR can retire to whatever it is he wants to do. At present, I believe that is read books, watch copious amounts of ESPN and taking the dogs for a walk. Pretty sweet deal for him.

#2 I've lost 14 pounds. With all the walking and such, the fresh produce and a bit of disciple has almost got me back into my bikini. Not that I'll post any of those pictures. 

AND the NUMBER 1 reason
These guys are only a short drive away.

Stay groovy,


  1. It's awesome you are loving your new digs. All the more reason for Nick and I to investigate the road trip opportunities of the Northwest.

  2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Good ol' Marcus.

    I share JR's directionally challengedness, so it's a good thing I'm married to a human compass. And don't you love living so close to the office? Ours is only 3 miles from our home. The only time I've had a shorter commute is when I worked from home.

  3. Happy for you!!! So do you think you will ever move to the other side of the mountain someday?