Monday, October 14, 2013

Spin Cycle - Autumn

It has been quite some time since we lived in a place where autumn meant anything to us except that the temperature dropped to a civilized level. 


In fact, it has been 8 years. That feels odd to say. 


8 years since we have really seen the leaves change. 

8 years since hot soup was on the menu.

8 years since the air was crisp in the morning, pleasant in the afternoon and with snow on the higher hills.

8 years since we could see dew on spider webs.
And, while we love a warm weather climate we are really enjoying the autumn weather. 


  1. The change if the leaves is lovely. Oh, I posted that pumpkin bread recipe on my blog today. Go grab it, it's really good.

  2. I hate to admit that I like the cool breath of Autumn.

  3. There's nothing like hot soup on a chilly day! I love Autumn! Your spider web photo is lovely. Why do outdoor spider seem to be such better weavers than the indoor spiders? The cobwebs in my corners are just messy!

  4. I'm enjoying autumn - I usually do. It's the damn winter that comes afterward that I could do without. Can't we just extend autumn and spring and skip winter all together? Except for the week of Christmas; it can snow like a mad bastard THAT week.

  5. Ah, it sounds heavenly. It has been a little bit cooler her in SoCal, not exactly sweater weather, but cool enough for soup. I'll take what I can get. Your pictures just made me crazy jealous!

    Thanks for linking up!