Tuesday, September 17, 2013

RTT - Odds and Ends and taunting of friends

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy with the new job, new rental, new town, new state. I've taken a bunch of pictures and posted a few on Facebook. Facebook made it much easier to keep in contact with everyone without having to write a whole post or worrying about internet access. I just took the photos with my phone and uploaded them from my phone.

Here just a few random things going on around here.

I taunted my friend Mark via text with our crystal clear, particulate free, actual water tasting water.

Me: It has this funny fresh clean taste.
Mark: Ooooooh is that healthy? it probably has no taste--how sad. I like to feel the testure of water like chewing the air..

He's just jealous.

My next text to him.
Me: Baby it's cold out there.
Mark: ........

We set up some outdoor stuff

Our little winter garden and our clothesline.

Sunday breakfast and family lunch/dinner. Or is that lunner? Or dinch?

Homemade easy peasy beignets. I made these from refrigerator biscuits. While I was frying them up I wondered; "Why can't I do this with cinnamon rolls?" that will be the next thing. Nothing like taking something already bad for you up a notch.

We knew that Older Boy and his wife were coming to visit but Dr. Boy showed up out of the blue. Made this mama cry a little to have everyone all together again. I'll be guilt-ing the kids into visiting more often now that we are so close.

Oh an then there was this. It showed up in the mail. Our little film didn't win an award but this was good enough for me. I consoled myself that I was smart enough not to spend $700 in airfare not to win. Though winning would have been cool. I could have accepted via the internet. Sort of like U2 didn't one year at the Grammys. I probably would have been as drunk.

That's it. Go over to Stacy's place to visit other Randomers. She's back up and running from her cross country move too.

Stay groovy,


  1. Temps like those have been showing up here too. Makes it nice to snuggle into a coat or cozy sweaters.

  2. I'm SO jealous that you've got your kids nearby.

  3. You will enjoy your water, and fresh air, and new school, but more than all that you are going to enjoy your KIDS!!!!