Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Update - The Houston Dog Show

 I thought this painting looked like JR and I. He's the one wearing glasses.

JR, Nessa and I went to the dog show this weekend. We took Nessa because I thought she would enjoy the outing and because I like to show her off. And, show her off we did. She garnered a lot of attention.

Walking through the vendor and the rescue booths was a case of walk 20 feet, stop and explain what type of dog she is, where we got her, how easy is/was to train her, and does she shed? The answers are: she is a goldendoodle, we got her from some friends that bred their standard poodle to their golden retriever, she was the second easiest dog I've ever trained (the first being our Border Collie), and no, she doesn't shed.

We let her try her paws out in the agility course. She wasn't all that good at leaping over the pole. Probably because she thought it was stupid but she totally aced going through the tunnel thingy. This was the one thing I didn't think she would do.

We found a place up in Spring that will teach your dog to dock dive and to swim. She has only had one dock diving/swimming lesson so far (last year in Colorado) and I think she needs more practice. We worry every time we go to the beach that she will run right out into the waves. She loves the water so much. So I'm going to look into some swimming lessons for her. (Yes, I totally get that I treat her like a grandchild, that I indulge her and project her with human thoughts and emotions. I'm okay with that).

As we were leaving we saw two other goldendoodles. One looked very much like Nessa. Or at least he was cut like Nessa. Sort of long and shaggy and sweet. Kind of sheepdog looking.

The other was all dolled up. This is a picture I found on the internet that looks a little like what they did to that poor dog. Except that its top notch was like twice as big, it had fluffy poodle cut paws and what they did to its tail was an embarrassment to all dogs everywhere. They asked us whether Nessa gets matted and we said that yes she does if we don't brush her about once a week. They said they took their Doodle in every three weeks for a cut, brush and bath and that they brushed him every day. EVERY DAY! That is just craziness. They didn't seem to have time to chat or I would have told them about the baby powder trick.

Our groomer told us to use baby powder to detangle Nessa's hair. It works like a charm and makes her smell amazing.

Anyway, we had a great time. Nessa slept the rest of the day from all the stress of being adored. JR and I saw a border collie puppy that we are thinking of adopting. We are trying to talk ourselves out of it but he was cuteness personified. All in all a good time.

Stay grovvy,


  1. We are sadly close to making the decision about a new dog. Guiness is getting older and slower. We might have another year or so. We are leaning toward a lab type dog.
    Nessa makes me curious about the doodle/lab mixes out there.

  2. I forgot how much dogs can shed when they're not Nessa-like - Elvis was either a Labradoodle or Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (the Humane Society I adopted him from as an itty bitty thing had no clue - and the two breeds are so similar!!) he looked like he could be Nessa's brother and had the same personality traits (and the non-shedding trait) as Nessa. Someday I'll have another - but not until after we're in our next house, of course. ;)

  3. I think Nessa is a beautiful day and she absolutely deserved a day of being adored.

    I hear you're going to SoCal and meeting up with someone. I am VERY jealous. Of you both.

  4. BABY Powder!!!! I wonder if that would work for Fuzzy's coat!

    Nessa is beautiful, just like I remember her.