Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A post that started as one thing and morphed into something else

Who doesn't like soup? 
Is there someone out there that doesn't like soup?
And if so, what is wrong with you?

Anyway, I like soup. In fact, I would venture to say that there isn't a soup I probably wouldn't like. Some I won't eat because well that whole no meat thing but if that weren't the case I'd probably like it. Then again, I haven't tried every soup in the world so maybe there are soups I wouldn't like. Totally, moot point.

I usually like to make my own soup. Homemade is always the best. Making your own is a great way to use up leftovers, control the ingredients, and pretty much healthier way to go. that I think about it, I have some tortellini salad that would make an excellent soup. 

But, there are times when a.) it doesn't pay to make your own and b.) there just isn't enough time in the day. That is when I fall back on my favorite canned soup.

Why Amy's? 
Because it is organic, there isn't a whole lot of crappy ingredients, and it is vegetarian. 
The biggest problem with it that I can see is that it is expensive. If you eat a full can of soup for lunch almost every work day (what? Am I the only one?) the $2.09 each gets a little steep. Oh sure, if I went out to lunch it would be a whole lot more but if I made my own it would be a whole lot less. See how these things play out?


It goes on Manager Special! 
If you don't have a Kroger's in your neighborhood this information won't apply to you. Of course, they are the largest grocery store chain around so fairly ubiquitous, they might called another name in your hometown. 

The Kroger stores in our area have bins of discounted items that are usually half or more off the original price. If I find things that I would use, a lot of it is stuff I would never buy in a million years, or find a use for, I buy it. It is like going to Costco...if you find something one time it might not be there the next. 

On this particular day I found a case of Amy's soup (backup lunch = done!) and a case of organic vegetarian beans in a variety of types, e.g. black bean, pinto, and white beans. All stuff I would use so I bought everything in the bin. In the past I have found kitchen stuff, a small metal colander, heat resistant spatulas and the like. My biggest scores have been in the cheese, dairy and produce cases. 

Funny thing, there are those who don't know that most cheeses can be frozen. It's true, most people don't know and cheese can be frozen. So when a cheese we like goes on Manager's Special I buy up everything that is marked down. A lot of dairy is the same way, though I buy less of this because I don't do a lot of dairy. Once organic pastured eggs went on Managers Special. I bought 10 dozen. (Don't be fooled by the sell by date. Eggs last a long time in the fridge). We go through at least two dozen a week so these didn't have to hang in my fridge for long. I just planned a lot of egg meals around them.

To be perfectly honest, I plan a lot of our meals by what I can snag on Manager's Special. Between this deal and JR's old timers 10% on Kroger brand products (including organic...sweet!) I usually come out saving 40% or more off my total bill. Makes it so I can buy the really good really expensive stuff. Case in point, that soup up there? Mixed with some leftovers will make an awesome pot pie base.

Uh well, this post went totally off the rails. I had planned to talk about soup then veered off into grocery savings. All I can say is, have a great day! 

And, tell us about your biggest food saving trick.


PS: I wasn't paid by Amy's to promote their soup. They have no clue who I am and could probably care less. I just like their soup. Oh and the same goes for Kroger.


  1. I used to shop at Kroger's all the time when I lived in Michigan! Nice snag on the manager's special! :)

  2. Mmmm, soups! Did I ever tell you about my all-time favorite cookbook that I actually USE? "Twelve months of monastery soups" by Brother Victor-Antoine D'Avila-Latourette. You can get it on Amazon. Seriously, soupaholics will love it! The recipes all feature simple ingredients - fresh or straight from the bargain bin, doesn't matter - and are vegetarian. Normal :-), meat eating people such as myself add chicken or beef to jazz up the recipes, and voila!, it's all good. Yes, you should buy this book!!

  3. At the moment, our biggest money saving trick is growing in the back yard.

    Good gawd, we are going to have a buttload of strawberries soon.