Tuesday, April 2, 2013

RTT - IM chats, Texas wildflowers, new knife

It is that time of the week.

One of the ways that I keep in touch with my children is to chat with them on IM. These chats can be anything from links to articles they want me to read to these sorts of chats. I got such a laugh out of this particular IM chat.

Ben: the hell? people in the south put peanuts in coke?

Me: they put peanuts in everything

Ben: how can one region be so wrong at everything all the time

Me: they boil the damn things and if that isn't gross I don't know what is

Ben: well frying everything I get to some extent
 that is a trend elsewhere too parts of britain well known for it

Me: whoever the genius was that thought up fried pickles should get a Nobel

Ben: this year's culinary nobel prize goes to Cletus spends money immediately on meth


I needed a new knife. It is very handy that JR works for a restaurant supply store but I try not to go to his place of employment because, well, I could spend a whole lot of money. I mean really!, who doesn't need a whisk the size of their head? And, don't get me started on ladles.

I did spend a little money on Saturday. What did I get? I picked up a professional grade sudoku knife for half what I would have paid for it online or at the kitchen supply store. Score! These are my favorite type of knife though I was eying a 8" serrated knife. I might could use one of those. (that's Southern speak for, "it would be handy to have one".)

I'm pretty particular about my knives so buying professional quality is important. I want one that feels good in my small hands, not too heavy and with a sharp edge.A really sharp blade. I'm talking Ginsu sharp.

I picked up a medium hand grater and a really cool spatula. I was like a kid in a candy store. I know...I'm such a cooking nerd.


We went with some friends to Brenham, Chappell Hill (pronounced chapel. Texans will fight you on the pronunciation of this town's name, trust me) and Independence, Texas to eat ice cream, 

 see the blue bonnets,  

have lunch 

and just hang out. 

We took Nessa because we really never go anywhere without her if we can help it. 

We are in a drought so the blue bonnets are not as prolific as they have been in the past. I got some pretty good photos though. 


I found the title of this historic building ironic, this being the South and all.

Is it just me?


That's all for me today. Go visit some other random players



  1. Well, when the blue bonnets do come into full bloom, I'm sure that church will live up to its name. ;-)
    As for knives, John is head over heels for the IKEA brand knives we picked up recently. He even keeps them in a vase filled with rice so they can feel special, I guess..

  2. I totally get the kitchen store love. I could spend hours drooling over the fun kitchen gadgets. And finding things I really, really need. Or maybe just want to play with.

  3. I'm right there with you on the love of kitchen tools and good quality knives - I'd be like a kid in a candy store there, too! I've already told the hubby our next house needs a huge kitchen for all my 'toys' - and so I have more room to 'play'. ;)

    Your IM convo is hysterical!

    Looks and sounds like you had such a perfect day! Too bad about the drought and the bluebonnet's not being as prolific - but you still got amazing shots, and I LOVE that pic of you and Nessa!

    And (giggle!) what Jen said about the church. ;)

    Easter Fun, Forgetful Mind, Minecraft Craftiness: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  4. "Whisk the size of your head! HAHAHAHA!!!" Day-um, sista, ya'll gonna need one big-a** bowl for that!

  5. I burst out laughing at your IM chat. The hell!

    We're still having snow flurries and no flowers up here. I'm so sick of winter!

    Where would you even put a whisk the size of your head? I know I wouldn't have a place for it.

    Thanks for stopping by for some random fun!

  6. I loved the photo of you and Nessa in the bluebonnets...Texas is all about bluebonnets!