Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

I remember when Earth Day started in 1970. Yes, I am that old. Though, I was young at the time I was pretty much the flower child of our house. I bet that surprises you :-). I think I was born a decade too late. Just think of the trouble I could have gotten into had I been a real hippie instead of a late blooming hippie.

Did I tell you that I had a friend that was 5 years older than I that joined a commune? 
She did!
It was awesome!
I was so jealous.
It totally scandalized our Rainbow Girls group. 
All except me, of course.
This was about 1973 or so.

My mother remarked at the time that she was glad that I had been born when I had been or she would be worried that I would join Bonnie. 

I probably would have too.

It sounds like something I would have done. 
It would have appealed to my inner hippie flower child.

By that time I was already into transcendental meditation.
Dabbling in vegetarianism.
Was practicing yoga.
And, pretty much getting into the whole groove.
I spent a lot of time listening to the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and Jimi.

I was quite the changeling.
Freaked my parents out.

This is my adorable little friend Thomas.
Not Tom or Tommie or Tom Tom or Tomas
Though I call him all of those things
just to make him crazy.
And, it does!
He's an only child of older very well educated parents
and he is really quite smart.
But, he has never been teased. Isn't that sad?
So JR and I gently tease him as much as possible.
We feel as honorary Aunt and Uncle we should do this.
It's good for him.
Builds character.

Happy Earth Day everyone,


  1. Luvin' your Post, and thanks for sharing and joining us this fine sunny day! What a great video you've found! So appropriate too! There's sure a lot of shots of John Lennon too don't ya think? From all of us here at 4M you so ROCK! Hope to see you next week too!

  2. What fun memories down memory lane! And I'm giggling over you calling your friend Thomas all the different varying ways - that's what I do to my brother Michael with Mikey and others. ;) Love your song choice, too! Thanks for playing along! :)

    Big Yellow Taxi is The Last Resort since I’m just an Indian Outlaw on this Mother Earth

  3. Oh and I was totally neglectful in not saying how much I love all your beautiful spring-y shots! That barn is my absolute favorite. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing all the flowers. We have snow again, so the reminder that spring really does happen was wonderful.

  5. What a fun post! The pics were great!

  6. This was just way fun getting a little peek at the inner you! (And of course, at cute little Thomas.)

  7. Love the flowers and the Thomas teasing. A favorite for my dad was to call a boy a girl a d vice versa. Keep up the great work.

  8. Haha, you little rebel!
    I love flowers, but in the ground blooming.
    I don't mind one and too picked and given to me by my kids, but gosh I hate seeing them die.

    Have a blessed week! :)

  9. I never got that whole hippie thingy - free love, drugs, crazy clothing, .... But, I was a bit of a rebel. Of course, what teenager isn't? Thankfully, my teen years didn't fall in the 60s era. The decade of the 70s carried some of those hippies, but what I really got into the groove was the music. I love, love, love the music!

    Thanks for joining the 4M crew!