Thursday, January 24, 2013

We can afford that town

  Sad Little Town

There's a "For Sale" sign on the little old feed store
Can't miss it, it's the first thing that you see,
Just next door to the pale yellow country store
With a bicycle propped near the door, that everyone leaves be

The siding on the garage is fading in the Texas sun
Since the highway passed by the town,
There wasn't any need for one
So the once bustling garage slowly falls down

This little town is down on its luck
but I love this little town with all of its flaws unadorned
For it's forlorn hope, it's spirit and it's pluck
and because I'm pretty sure, It is all we could afford.

This is my 900th post and almost my 5th year blog anniversary. What better way than to post a "we can afford that" poem.


Disclaimer: I am not a poet. If you for any reason have believed otherwise please let me dissuade now.  If I can't persuade you I'm fairly sure that the above poem has done the job.


  1. I think it's a brilliant poem! And what a cool town! Wish I had endless funds, I'd buy it and bring it back to life! ;)

  2. You did great! I love the photos and the poem and happy anniversary!

  3. We get programme's on the telly about once a year that follow Route 66. Those towns look like that in the photo.
    It must have been one hell of a trauma for those towns who thought they had struck gold in the form of a continuous flow of cash rich travelers only for it to vanish.

    1. Sadly, it did throw them into a tailspin. We drove parts of Route 66 on our summer trip. Funny thing, going that route has become popular again with those that back road trips.