Friday, December 28, 2012

Centerpiece switcheroo

I spent most of the day dechristmasifing the house on Thursday. The tree came down, the mantel decorations were dismantled and the stair rail was denuded. I cleaned up all the needles, wiped down everything and moved the furniture back to where it started and then I collapsed. Not really but sort of.

I started thinking about what I was going to do for springish decorations.You know those people that change out their throw pillows, art, curtains and bedding to match the season? I'm not that person but I like to do a little something. You know, a seasonal centerpiece and mantel scape but anything more than that is beyond my keen. I'm just too lazy or as I like to think, I'm just so busy with other more important things like painting and working and drinking wine and stuff.


I loved my Christmas centerpiece this year. It was simple and elegant. I've never been called or even associated with simple and elegant. I'm more of the eclectic and earthy type. Having one piece in the house that is simple and elegant is about as close as I'm ever going to get. That is why I decided to stay with the same theme, ie. upside down wine glasses with stuff in them and candles on top.

I had a bit of a problem. I had promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything new to decorate for spring. Yeah, uh, this put a crimp in the whole simple but elegant thing. What was I going to stuff under the wine glasses?

I shopped the house and found a couple of bunches of plastic grapes that were languishing in a drawer in the bar and a white platter that was sitting in the china hutch to come up with a centerpiece I like. It was convenient that the grape theme of the centerpiece matched the placemats. It looks like I actually planned it that way. The white platter works well for the crisp spring vibe I was going for.

I can live with this for awhile. Now, onto the mantel.

Will you be going back to your usual decorations or trying something new after you take down your holiday gear?



  1. Cool! I like it when holiday decorating inspires or bleeds in to the rest of the year.

    I'm taking a little different tack, though. In thinking about putting away the boxes of xmas stuff, rather than toss them blindly into the messy garage, I'm inspired to tidy at least a corner or shelf to make room instead.

    1. I'm so anal that everything is put away in special Xmas boxes in a certain order. It's sort of sad.