Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A film by...

As many of you know I've been working on a video about the University of Houston and the city of Houston during World War II. My partner in crime (or co-producer/director in film speak) Kathy and I have finally allowed it to be released. This is a soft release, meaning that we have given a non-distribution copy to a few lucky souls.

It was a hit!

At least at the university and it turns out that the film was good enough to be picked up by the local PBS station. In fact, they loved it and after a little music editing will be aired in March or April on next year. that's right, our film will hit the big time or as big time a public television is. What this means to you is that I can't let you all see the full video yet. When it airs I will be sure that you all have the link, that is if you are interested.

What I can give you is a little sample of the video. So here is the first 5 minutes as a teaser. If you make it full screen, sorry, about the fuzziness. I had to compress the file into a format that Blogger would accept.

Pretty cool, no?

I was recently called a filmmaker by someone that actually makes films. That felt really strange but that strangeness won't stop me from putting it on my resume.



  1. This is so incredibly awesome! So, so happy for you and proud too!

  2. Good for you. Make sure you put in for an Equity Card. Or whatever it's called over your way.

  3. Super cool! Isn't it fun when something like that happens! Way to go girl!

  4. Wow!! That is an awesome addition to a resume! Happy for you!!