Monday, November 26, 2012

Productivity over the Turkey-day Weekend

We were really productive over the long weekend. It was like we had all the time in the world so let's just slap it into submission. The list of our weekend accomplishments is amazing and it is little wonder that JR is snoring away at 6:40 tonight.

Here's the play by play,

*cooked like a mad woman. I know I said I wasn't going to work that hard but it seems I can't help myself. Though I have to say that our dinner was wonderful. Roasting your vegetables just to make stock for the gravy was the best idea ever. I'll be repeating this for other holidays. And, it makes a ton so I have it frozen for future use.

*JR tried to replace a bulb in the truck headlight but was totally defeated. They just don't make vehicles that an owner can really work on for themselves. It is a sad fact.

*We cleaned the garage out. There are only 3 more boxes that need to be gone through and put away from the move but now the garage is clean enough to get the car in. Of course, it is a two car garage but we are not going to let a silly thing like one whole side of the garage stuffed with boxes deny us a sense of accomplishment.

*JR had to go to work. I met a coworker at the local Goodwill for a little thrifting. Then we went to Micheal's Craft store for work related holiday decorations. We scored big.

*We made this

That is two boxes of 18 candy canes glued to a very narrow vase. I think it is adorable.

*Later on in the day we decided that we just had to go to Hobby Lobby for more crafty stuff. We didn't find anything for the work holiday party but we did come up with these:

Little jewel colored hanging pots. I love the way they glow when the sun shines in. I saw some really pretty bottles in the same jeweled tones. I'm thinking of going all the way over the top and hanging them here also. You know, because more is more.

*We ate leftovers and all was right with the world.

*I made tomato bruschetta topping, herb goat cheese spread and another batch of mushroom pate. I had to make another batch because my friend and I polished off the first batch. We had friends coming over in the evening so I wanted to be prepared.

* JR sanded and painted an old bench.

*We did all our food shopping.
*I hung the little pots.That was actually a little harder than it looks. I had to come up with something fun. Turns out some old beaded curtains came to the rescue. Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat hippy.
*JR tried again (unsuccessfully) to put in the headlight lamp.
*I installed a magnetic knife holder and under-counter light both of which I had been hauling from place to place. So make that pack rat hippy handy-woman.

Do you have one of these magnetic knife holders? No? Go get one ASAP, unless you have bloodthirsty children then I would wait until they go to college.
*Then we cleaned a little because we had friends coming over and the place was kind of a mess by this time.
*I made a Christmas present for Dr. Boy. Since, he reads my blog occasionally I can't show it to you but it is terrific. Now, I want to make some for myself.  Make that pack rat hippy handy-woman crafter.


*We cleaned up from having friends over because by the time they left it was all we could do but go to bed.
*We gave Nessa a bath and trimmed her up a little.
Doesn't she look gorgeous? And, she is so soft.

*JR stared at the truck headlight in frustration. Then opened the hood and stared and fiddled in frustration. I'm pretty sure there was some swearing. He was once again unsuccessful.
*I finish one painting, started a commissioned painting and got a good deal of this one done for Dr. Boy. I had been promising to him for forever. The next month will be taken up with painting, painting and more painting.

I've got a bit more to go on it but I think it is looking pretty hawt! I've never painted in just shades of gray before. It is interesting and edgy. I love edgy.

Well, I think that is about it. We were in bed by 8pm which is an example of what we got done and our age.

How was your weekend?

Peace and love and off to the dealership,
the pack rat hippy handy-woman crafty painter


  1. That if Django, yes? Very nice. I saw a cool craft with transfer on the top of a bench like that. I am thinking about trying it myself...

  2. Productive and fun weekend here too and I love your hanging candles! I have one of those magnetic knife holders and I agree - if you don't have one you should they are awesome!

  3. I really like your crafty decorations, but I have to say I LOVE the painting. I hope you post a photo of the finished work.

  4. Looks like you had a very full rich weekend. Ours was like that. It's nice to look back and be satisfied with what you accomplished.

  5. Nessa is just wonderful! I so enjoyed petting her, when she would let me.


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  6. "pack rat hippy handy-woman crafty painter"

    I love the image that this phrase conjures up in my mind.

  7. The magnetic bar takes the edge from forged knives. Don't know how but it does.

    These days the space to work in a car is so tiny that you need the hands of a child to fit. And mostly when things go wrong they remove an entire quadrant like you see at the F1 races. Nuts eh.

  8. I kept hoping as I was reading that you were going to end up with JR being successful on those lights. Darn it!

    That painting you're making for your son is FAB!