Thursday, August 16, 2012

Starting from Oregon

The first day after Dr. Boy's White Coat Ceremony JR and I hit the road to home. We had decided before I left that we would be heading down the Pacific Coast but left the exact route up in the air. We really sort of roll that way. By not planning an exact route we leave ourselves open to serendipity, which can be good or can be bad. On this half of the trip it was all good.

We drove from Eugene to Florence following a river (please don't ask me the name I didn't keep track) admiring the green. Sure, Houston is green but it is kind of all one color of green. In Oregon and California there are a lot of different types of trees so there are various shades of green, if that makes sense. We followed the river all the way to the coast. Just as we hit where the river meets the sea we saw this railroad bridge. We completely envied whoever gets to man the bridge their view.

As we wandered our way down the coast we stopped at the little town of Bandon, Oregon. It was a Sunday and they were having a street fair. There is nothing that JR and I like better than a small town street fair. We just had to stop.

There was live music. I bought some wild blackberry jam and a great skirt. I wore the skirt the first day I was back to work. It fit perfectly, thank heavens, since returning it would have be impossible.

This guy was roaming the fair. JR was walking with Nessa (you can see their cute behinds in this photo) and this guy was in front of them. This pirate says, "Ahoy, someone is coming up on me rear." JR was a bit put off by that statement though I doubt the guy meant anything weird by it but one never knows. I was creeped out by him personally.

I saw this shirt at one of the cute little downtown shops. I immediately sent a photo to all of my kids (I include my daughter-in-law as one of my kids.) telling them that I thought it perfectly described our family.

A little further down the road we stopped at this beach.  I think this rock is called Curved Rock. Which would make sense. Where Nessa played fetch the stick with JR and I took a few pictures on my phone. I think I took some on my camera but I haven't put them all together in one place yet. I should really get on that. We hopped back into the truck to drive further down the coast. Our ultimate plan was to reach Crescent City, California by the evening so we had to get going.

I did make JR stop at the scenic overview along the road at this beach. I liked the way the clouds were hanging off the cliff and he like the patterns in the sand. Nessa was unimpressed by either. By this time we had bought her a few toys including a Mister Bill plush toy. When you squeezed his belly he says; "Oh No!" I thought it was freaking hilarious. She has already eviscerated him.

We made it to Crescent City that evening. All was well and we were up the next morning bright and early for the next leg of the trip. Photos and descriptions of that tomorrow.



  1. The Oregon coast is the best thing about living here in Oregon!

    1. It is because you can't count on the weather.

  2. I've driven that exact same route and stopped at those exact same places when a friend and I drove down the coast from Washington to California to go to Disneyland - thanks for the memories! :)

    That pirate would have creeped me out, too... :)

  3. And you're the smart one?

    Lovely coastline .... please share some more.

  4. FYI, with a nod to your first photo. 50 shades of shed; twitter feed. You may be amused.

  5. Beautiful...Someday I'll go there, but until then....