Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My favorite picture of the trip

 Has to be this one taken on the California coast. I love the undulating sand and the mist floating across the cliffs

 Oh wait, it would have to be this one of the California coast. 
The colors are great and I really like the weeds in the foreground.

 Or it might be this one. 
I love me some lighthouse.

Or this one in Coos Bay, Oregon. 
It might be the little building.
It might be the rusty bridge
Whatever, I like it.

It could be the Ferndale, California cemetery.
It was just so serene.

It could easily be this photo of an old house in the Sierras in California.
I love the cloud shadows on the mountains. 
And, I am a sucker for old houses.
 It has got to be this picture of Benjamin and Val at a Portland, Oregon brewpub.
Yes, the wine was mine.

 Or maybe this one of JR and I standing under the sign for the Tiki bar in Portland that we went to with our friend Mike.
Hands down
it would have to be this one of my beautiful family.



  1. Yup, that last one should be the fave! They are all fun and looks like the trip was a blast.

  2. Me, too - the last one! You have such a lovely family.

  3. Great looking family!!!