Friday, August 10, 2012

An Update

Here is a brief update on our trip if we are not friends on Facebook (and why aren't we?).

The truck repair turned out to be minor though you couldn't convince me of it at the time. I have a whole rant prepared about this issue that involves shody workmanship and our repair place back home.

I had a lovely visit with a blog friend in Colorado.

Dr. Boy's White Coat Ceremony went off without a hitch. I didn't cry. He is now all settled in and starts classes on Monday. The whole empty nest thing hasn't set in yet. We'll talk about that when it does.

JR and I have had a great time traveling the West together. We have visited with family and friends along the way. I'll post some of the numerous pictures and tell you some of what we chatted about while making our way home. We are notorious for taking the back road when we travel so I have some interesting spots to tell you all about.

We are two days from home now.


  1. You and JR travel the way Beloved and I do - "Hey, turn there! Who cares if we get lost?"

  2. Finding the road less traveled can be awesome. We do that whenever we can. Ours are usually dirt roads, but we've had our share of adventures on obscure paved roads.
    Travel safe for the last couple of days.

  3. Ah yes, but which home. Gulf coast or PNW.

  4. As long as you arrive home safely, that's all that matters. I have been following your Facebook posts and living vicariously through you. And drinking too without the buzz. :-)

  5. A trip clear across the USA...with Nessa, sweet beautiful Nessa. Back roads make for much better traveling, albeit a tad slower, but not much!