Friday, July 27, 2012

We can afford that!

Large airy home takes advantage of the cross breeze. The natural air conditioning will be enjoyed on those warm summer days. Surrounded by very mature landscaping adding to the privacy. This diamond in the rough fronts the highway giving the new owner easy access to the local businesses and amusements. Several original outbuildings are included on the property providing necessary utilities. This prairie beauty needs a tiny bit of TLC.


  1. Man, if I had a limitless flow of cash, I'd totally buy that and restore it. :)

    1. Limitless is the important word. It was a very cool house.

  2. HAHAHAHA, estate agent speak.

    The reality; Open to the elements in a jungle like area where the insect denizens will have you eaten alive. Noisy, both day and night with incessant traffic and probably best converted to carbon with sensible use of a match.

  3. It is big. Maybe a little too open to the buggies. I'm not interested in sharing my living space with the wildlife.

  4. I believe the word you're looking for is "rustic". :-)