Thursday, July 5, 2012

The pond

We have a pond on campus. It is right near the Architecture building. Remind me to talk about the Architecture building someday, it is rather interesting. Anyway, this pond on campus has never had any wildlife in it that I've been able to see in the whole 3+ years I've been here. I've really looked because ponds, water features and lakes/streams/creeks, etc are some of my favorite things. Add a bit of wildlife and I'm hooked.

But, this pond didn't have any wildlife.
No ducks
No heron type birds (we have several varieties here in Houston)
No turtles
No fish
Not even any snakes but than I haven't really looked for those. *shudder*
I blamed it on the chemicals that the facilities people put into the water to keep the algae and mosquitoes at bay.   

Until recently that is, now the pond seems to be crawling with animal life.
There are ducks and herons some days.
There are fish and from what I hear really big ones.
And, there are turtles. Who seem very tame. Which leads me to believe that the students are feeding them.

Thankfully I still haven't seen any snakes.



  1. So cool to see turtles in the pond. My boys would love to see that and would want to catch it.

  2. I have two snakes that insist on living in the chicken house DOORWAY!!! Always give me a start...but they are great at mice eating...I've seen several bulges in their bellies over the days!


  3. A lot of times when a pond slash pool won't take wildlife it's due to the treatment that water is getting from the main city supply. Keeping Mozzies out isn't an issue these days from that size of water body. It's the basin outside your door has the issue now.

  4. Interesting. Maybe they finally figured out that the wildlife will indeed keep the skeeters at bay. Lovely though and how fun!

  5. We have a pond right behind our building and we walk out to it almost every day to just thaw out and watch the wildlife, looking for the gator who has taken up residence, and count the turtles. Some of the best parts of my day. :-)