Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RTT - Galveston shorts

Good morning everyone. Yesterday afternoon I had a little to-do but let's not go there. I'm going to consider it an inconvenience, at most.  Let's get on with our weekend doings because they are much more fun.

We decided to head over to the beach on Galveston Island, as we are want to do. 


The day was pretty, not too hot but just a little windy. Perfect weather to walk the beach and toss the ball for Nessa. It would be an understatement to say that she had a good time.

JR spent a lot of time fetching the ball out of the water.
Nessa likes nothing better than fetching the ball after JR throws it as far as he can then depositing it in the nearest shallow pool. I think she likes to mess with him. 

The tide was coming in so this structure was not long for the world but it was so charming I had to take a photograph.

After all the ball throwing and wading in the waves we thought it would be fun to head into town. McDonald's had stopped serving breakfast which is a signal for JR and I that it is time for an adult beverage. We walked among the cruise ship tourists for awhile stopping periodically for people to ask: what kind of dog is that? Will she bite? (which makes us scoff) but the best thing we heard was a little boy who said:

"That's a sheepdog. 
Half sheep and half dog"

We could afford this. 
The houses is Galveston are a mixture of Southern style Victorians.
I love them.
I love the porches.
I pine for a porch.
I'd paint the ceiling of my porch blue.
It's required.
I'll have a whole post about the houses tomorrow.

 I thought to buy this shirt for JR.
I texted a picture of it to a friend of ours in Seattle.
Her response:
"So 60 years old and he still runs? 

That is a quick synopsis of our Sunday at the beach. Saturday was not nearly as much fun, mostly grocery shopping and house cleaning. How was your weekend?

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  1. Looks like you guys had a perfect time at the beach! I love that house - and I'm with you, porch is a must, and I never thought about painting the porch ceiling blue - brilliant! :)

    I'm still giggling over the half dog, half sheep comment... ;)

    May Day Weather and Spicy Racks

    1. There is a reason for painting a porch ceiling blue. I'll talk about it tomorrow a little bit.

  2. The sheep dog comment made me literally LOL.

    Did they have a shirt that had "vodka" instead of beer? Oh, yes, and "composts" instead of runs. I'd like to get one for Beloved...

    1. I didn't see any T-shirts with the words vodka or compost on them but you could always have one made.

  3. Running with your beer just makes it foamy. Don't ask how I know this, it's a long story. Running with beer = mess.
    I have seen a lot of the laboradoodle type dogs around here. They look like so much fun.

  4. That brolly and the chairs isn't a half bad still life.

    1. I didn't think so either. Not too bad for a smart phone photo.

  5. I once had a dog who loved going to the beach.
    That is a cool porch too.

    Enjoy your Tuesday!

  6. Jealous, jealous, jealous!!! But happy for you :)


  7. I'm not going to spoil your blue porch ceiling story, but I heard about it a few years back and I LOVED the reasoning! I've also always loved porches, but I haven't had one yet.

    So happy Nessa gets the chance to frolic in the water now and then!

  8. Half sheep and half dog!! Good one!! We get the "bear dog" talk. People just want to touch the "bear"!
    I want to hear about the blue ceiling porch!

    One guess you know what our weekend was busy with!!

  9. Sigh. Buy the house. I'll grab my hammer and how to books and come on up. :-)

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