Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just a bit of this and that

Where did last weekend go? Seriously? I'd really like to know. *sigh*

Here is a recap of last weekend. Which will reaffirm in your minds how totally boring I am.

Weekend to-done list
1. grocery shop. After all these years I should know never to take JR. I end up spending a considerable amount more money. Mostly, on Fritos corn chips and alcohol. That man can eat his weight in Fritos. AND, he never gains a pound. Hating his ability to gorge on junk food and not gain weight is perfectly acceptable. I've come to grips with it.

2. bought herb starts. We went to Home Depot to get some annual flowers for the back patio because that is where we spend the most time, where the view from our living room/dining room is and how I enter the house everyday. Having a pretty aspect is important to my soul. We did buy a few flowers but what we mostly bought were herb plants. The herbs were on sale for 50% off. A steal! Since, I have a policy that if the choice is between pretty flowers and food I always go for the food. I won't list the plants that we bought (I'll save that until I take some pictures) but let's just say I did my part for the economy. I can't wait until they are big enough to eat fresh. I'll keep you posted.

3. did our taxes. This was the crappy part of my weekend. The government doesn't think that the $13,000 in income taxes we paid throughout the year was enough. They want a couple of grand more. If I could be assured that they were spending it on things that I wanted it spent on I'd be happy to fork over $15K unfortunately, they do not believe that I should have much of a say. I'd like to rearrange some of these numbers but maybe that is my crazy liberal tree-hugging granola-head thinking.

4. paid bills.  After the government took their not-so-fair-share I paid the rest on our bills. Between these two chores is a couple of hours I'll never get back,

This coming weekend will be less chore related and more fun. We plan to take Nessa to the beach and I'll be finishing some paintings.

What are your weekend plans?



  1. I don't even remember what we did last weekend, so yours was more exciting than mine. Beloved and I are taking tomorrow off (MUCH needed), so we'll do housework (MUCH needed) and run our errands tomorrow. The weekend we'll probably end up working in the yard (MUCH needed) and on this damn three-headed Hydra of a cookbook.

    I know; we just live on the edge, don't we?

  2. We are dying Easter eggs and waiting for the bunny to visit. Having Nick's folks over for breakfast and then doing a nice dinner for just us. Trying to sneak in as much family time as we can around laundry and such.

  3. Heck wasn't only yesterday that it was New Years.

    1. I know! What is the deal with that? Please don't say time moves faster when you get older.

  4. Pepper and tomato plants potted last weekend. This weekend the melon starts get planted, but first I gotta expand the melon mound 'cause i bought a bunch more plants this year. Just can't go to a nursery without bringing home half a farm. Today's hip tip - get a lavender plant, put it in a pot and then park the pot next to the pepper and tomato plants. It'll keep the plants company and also help keep away white flies. I discovered this trick by accident last year. The lavender pot ended up next to the apple mint pot, and wonder of wonders, the damn white flies didn't destroy the apple mint like they did the year before.

    1. Jules,
      Great tip! My winter mint is getting eaten alive. I move it next to the pot with the citronella and lavender

    2. She could plant directly into the compost heap. Any of the Marrows would adore that position

  5. If I can just make it through the next two weeks and passel of company I will rejoice...tomorrow I buy food for the hordes. I would rather got to the beach with you all and Nessa.