Monday, April 23, 2012

The day after Earth Day

So yesterday was Earth Day. And we celebrated by doing nothing. Seriously my whole day consisted of cooking, working out, messing around on the internet, and the best part...

watching old Cary Grant movies. We watched Holiday to start. We had never seen the film before, which is saying something since I'm a confirmed Cary Grant fool. Best of all it had Kate Hepburn in it. It was a very cute romantic comedy. Something Cary did so well. The second was His Girl Friday. We've seen this one several times. Love it! Ends sort of cheesy but that is what I love about it.

We also went into the Library. I'm co-producing a history of the University of Houston, 1939-1950, movie. It is about 35 minutes long. 25 minutes longer than we started. That either says a lot happened in those years or we are to verbose. I'm thinking it is a bit of both. The reason we went into the library is because JR agreed to do the narrator voice over part and the library has a recording studio and student engineers.

In JR's past he was a radio newsman. He has a terrific voice. I've been bugging him to get back into voice work but he's been reluctant since he's been out of the business for so long. This project is perfect for him. It is volunteer, not professional but still something that he can put in his portfolio. Plus, (and the most important part) he had a great time! That is all I cared about. He got to get behind the microphone again and had a great time. Yep, that's a win!

That is about all for me. How was your Earth Day? Do anything fun?


PS: the photos, obviously, have nothing to do with the post. I had them left over from our trip to the garden center and thought you might like to see them. Pretty, No?


  1. VERY pretty! We spent Earth Day being cold and watching it rain.

  2. I love that he was able to use his radio voice and help you out at the same time. I'm sure the finished project will be fabulous!

  3. The blue colour on the upper lilies looks totally fake. If you were to replicate it in paint it just wouldn't work unless you were cracking into Pop Art of someone like Hockney.
    I see there is a painting thingamajig on the I-whatsit. I wonder is it any good.

  4. Lovely water pictures. We didn't do much for earth day--Nick headed to California and I held down the fort. Exciting time at our place. WE did enjoy some really nice weather--for us at least.