Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RTT- let's just recap

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After last weeks heartbreak, general busyness and the last day of class (for my student anyway) I have high hopes for this week. Really high hopes!! I should really lower my expectations for this week. It may not be able to live up to them. Then again, last week was so horrendous that this week doesn't have to do much to go up in my estimation. So I guess it's all good.

All but 3 Christmas presents have been bought and I didn't leave my house to do it. Online shopping is the only way to go. Those last three will be ordered online tonight. I will have to go out to get some stocking stuffers but other than that I'm done. With the shopping part anyway. There is the wrapping part to go but that will be next weeks project.

Tree is up. 
Tree is up and decorated. 
Tree is up and decorated with only half of my decorations.
I got lazy. Maybe, I should re-qualify that statement.
I'm always lazy. I just choose to be lazier this year. 
I'm calling it minimalist. 
Why, Yes! I am going there.
For a week the tree had nothing on it and I actually thought about leaving it that way for the season.
As you can see I didn't.

Usually we have a 8 foot artificial tree but it died (not literally of course, since it had never been alive to begin with.) last year. The poor thing was falling apart. Bits and bobs were falling off. Pieces that stuck into other pieces didn't stick or couldn't be found. Branches were drooping. It was pitiful. So, this year we sprang for the big bucks and got a real tree. We were hoping for the wonderful fresh tree smell. We were robbed. This tree doesn't smell much if any but it looks good so that should count for something.

I will say that our old kitah has found that place in the corner under the tree to be a wonderful place to sleep. He first needed to pull off a bit of the lights and a few ornaments that were either in his way or their placement were bothering his decorating sensibilities. Now, if you go looking for him chances are you will find him under the tree.

I'll be shipping out a few things today. A Christmas gift for my mother that we picked up at Disney (don't worry my mom doesn't read my blog. She knows it exists. It is bookmarked on her computer. I know this because I did it for her. I have sent her numerous links to it but even with all this she still doesn't know how to get to it. She's special like that.), a few books for bloggers (Jan, you should have a taste of Texas before the holidays), and the painting that I finished. 

I'm taking all next week off. Combine this with the week that we get off between Christmas and New Years and that makes 2 whole weeks off. 2 whole weeks People! This is big! I never take this much time off at one time.

You might be asking yourself what I plan to do with all that time? Nothing! I plan to do nothing. Okay, that might be an overstatement. I will tidy the house, read something besides work stuff, string garland for the hand-railing of the stairs, take Nessa for a walk, paint. Lots of painting.  If you want something painted this is the time to tell me because I'll have more than just weekends and evenings to do it. Can you tell I'm excited?

Well,da,da,ell That's All Folks



  1. Here's hoping your high hopes for this week become a reality. ;) LOVE your tree! PN and I finally got ours decorated last night - and I have stacks'o'boxes of gifts to wrap (and hopefully get the Santa gifts shipped to Iowa to beat the sleigh there next weekend). I, too, am going minimalist this year. It's just that kind of year. :)

    2 weeks off would be heaven - have fun with your free time!! And can you send me your address again, pretty please? :)

    Awesome B-Day, Table Top Tree, the Power of Twitter, and a New Catch Phrase

  2. My painting? Is on its way? I'm so excited I can hardly type.

    That sounds like a lot of stuff to expect accomplished. You should make some tea and just rest with the puss in front of the tree.

  3. 2 weeks of doing virtually anything you'd like to do sounds absolutely perfect!

    Your tree is absolutely beautiful!

    PS. My mom is just as clueless as yours.

  4. I'm off from the 23rd until the 1st but unfortunately, my kids' daycare is also closed. So I'll be wrangling a 4 and 1.5 year old, respectively. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Next week will be wild for me and I'm begining to think about taking a break until after Christmas. Blogging shouldn't be stressful and Christmas comes but once a year, so no need to miss out on enjoying the things I love doing, right? I hope your time off is relaxing and fun! Your tree looks lovely. It'll add a lot of pleasure to your Christmas season all decorated now. =D

  6. Waiting to put our tree up until this coming wk-end! Our kids and first grandbaby will be here, so wanting the tree to be FRESH!!! :-))) Happy week to all ~ Tis the Season!!!

  7. My mom DOES read my blog. And my Facebook statuses. This poses a problem. Often. :-)
    Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!

  8. My mom DOES read my blog. And my Facebook statuses. This poses a problem. Often. :-)
    Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!

  9. We did minimalist for years. It's way easier than putting up lots of ornaments only to take them down again. With little boys, they decorate now.
    Enjoy your two weeks off. We have almost as much time off as Turbo does this year--the joy of working at a university that takes a winter break.

  10. I'm so excited for the book - thank you again!!

    The only presents I have bought are the obligatory Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments I buy the kids every year. I don't know what's wrong with me...I just can't seem to get into it this year. I guess I'd better get clickin' over at Amazon and Think Geek in a big hurry.

  11. That is what I am doing...enjoying every single moment of my day in retirement. I never get bored and I'm always happy...what more could a person ask for...the stress of work is DONE!


  12. I'm all done and wrapped too. No stress this year...

  13. We didnt get a tree up again this year. You are waaay ahead of me.
    Enjoy every moment of your 2 weeks to do as you please!

  14. I have almost NO shopping done, and I need to email my boss that I will be working from home for the rest of the week, and possibly next week as well. On the plus side, I bought a Happy Light yesterday! Now I am trying to figure out how to use it without freaking out Connie Chung.

  15. I've bought plastic tree and I don't care). Natural trees are so expensive now, and with each passing year there are lack of it.