Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Give Away!

Last week I mentioned that I had an extra copy of this book.

I thought I'd give one of them away.
This book is pages and pages, about 216, of black and white and color photographs of Houston. It's big and kind of heavy.

If you want a book chock full of photos of Houston leave me a comment. I'll draw names over weekend. And send it right out.



  1. I just like books. And I like Houston. A great combination.

  2. I'd love to learn more about Houston. Sounds like a cool book.

  3. I wonder where 'chock full' came from. A chock is a wedge. Leastwise wedge-shaped anyway. And one use was to hold bi-planes in position, so when the pilot wanted to take off he would shout "CHOCKS AWAY" to the riggers on the ground. But using 'full' I don't know. I cannot think of anything you would fill that you would use wedges to force closed.
    Anyhows, you, if you decide to send the book in this direction, might try a barrel. Go down to Galveston, that-a-ways anyway, place the barrel into the Gulf and say "Go to Vincent" three times. As honestly it would stand more chance of getting to me via the North Atlantic Drift and probability quicker than by post. Certainly cheaper. :-D

  4. I was ready to offer postage but roaringforties' barrel idea is just too brilliant for me to comprehend let alone top. send the book that-a-way.

  5. I've been slacking here and missed out on a great giveaway. :(