Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RTT - because I'm not scattered enough

So the whole premise of Random Tuesday Thoughts is to write a post that contains a bunch of random things that wouldn't make a whole post of their own but fill out a single post when combined. It was started by Keely, then it became a monster and her life sort of got in the way. Life and blogs sometimes do that. At least, that's what I've heard. So she graciously passed it onto Stacy, who has steadfastly continued even in the face of life getting all crazy-like.

I don't really have a whole lot of random going on right now but I'll try to come up with a couple of things.

Just eggs.
No, really I want a big round of applause for eggs. There is not a leftover in the world that isn't made better with an egg. Want proof? Sure you do. I wouldn't believe me either.

Leftover mozzarella, grape tomatoes and caper salad I had leftover from a party.  I baked them all together.

I started by broiling the tomatoes and capers. Added a little butter and cream. Heated that up. Added a couple of eggs and the little balls of mozzarella then baked until they were done. Served with sweet potato hash browns. Yummy!

Need more proof? Poached over stuffed red pepper. No photo. Ate too fast.

I've started a new painting. Mama Badger asked if I would paint her boys. She sent me a photo that scared the crap out of me. It was a full face picture of her little guys and it is adorable. BUT...full faced! I sat on it for quite awhile. Mostly, screwing up my courage to take on this...

I'm a little over half done. Trust me, once I get the boys' eye color they will look less like zombies and more like the sweeties they are. I've still got hands and faces to finish up. I never realized how hard hands are to get right. I'm not quite ready to say that I can do faces but this is not too bad. They are starting to look like the  photo. The shirts need a little work but otherwise it's coming along.  I can safely say...I rawk rocks. I may have to start doing painting of rocks. Of course, I suck at water so my paintings will have to consist of just rocks. Maybe a tree or two but no water. 

Our cherry tomato plant has 2 tiny tomatoes on it and lots and lots of flowers. I am thrilled! Our zucchini plant is loaded with flowers. I'm getting my hopes up that we'll see some fruit from those. The herbs are doing well, except the one basil plant that I think the squirrels dug up.

So that is it for me. I've got lamp black and phthalo blue on my hands. I must be the messiest painter ever.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. 1) I am quite familiar with MB's loveable little boys, and you are doing a FABULOUS job!

    B) Oh, hush, you with your blooming tomato and zucchini plants (says the disgruntled - and cold - Texan stuck in Ohio).

    iii) I cried over your leftover dish...most of the time I don't miss cheese and butter, but that? Waaaaahhhhhhhh...

  2. Ohhhh! The painting for MB is coming along beautifully! Can't wait to see it finished!! :)

    Your leftover dish looks and sounds heavenly!!

    After our freak snow storm, my rose bush bloomed another (potentially final) bloom. I must admit I'm a tad jealous of your flowering tomato and zucchini tomato plants have long since succumbed to the freezing nights. :)

    Once Upon A Time, the Hairdresser Debacle and Planning a Very Angry Bird Birthday

  3. Geez! I'm jealous! Our high here is 38* today and you are having a spring garden. Sigh.

    But lucky you!

  4. It's really fun to see your paintings underway and then when finished. You're quite good!!! Your meal looks outstanding as well!

  5. I'm sure the boys will be adorable when they are finished. And hands are really hard.

  6. With our crazy summer we didnt plant any zucchini. So we didnt get zucchini overload like we usually do! So envious right now.
    Painting is looking great.
    The only use I found for eggs is for baking. :)

  7. Ooh! I didn't need to see who it was, I just knew from the painting that it was MB's little ones! Love it! And love eggs. And love you!