Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've been getting into digital storytelling lately. Quite possibly because I each a grad course in something like it but most likely it is because I just enjoy stories.

I'm of the opinion that our social morays, belief systems, and a lot of other social notions come down to us through many generations of storytelling. I mean, what is the bible if not stories? Stories told to explain a world that wasn't understandable. Stories told to teach a lesson. Stories told to enforce behaviors. All just stories that made their way into print form.

Stories are sometimes real life experiences and sometimes not.

Stories can take on a life of their own and sometimes not.

Stories can be creative and sometimes not.

Stories can be funny and sometimes not.

Stories can have a grain of truth, teach a lesson and entertain.

My personal favorite type of storytelling is to take a photo that you may or may not know anything about than tell a story about what is happening in the photo. Giving the story to the photo. Every photo deserves its own story. Even the bad ones.

I'm not talking about historically accurate storytelling. That is something different. That is what I teach. That is taking an historical event and adding images to better tell the story; to more graphically tell the story; to put the story in a medium that is more engaging to a modern audience.

A few weeks ago, (or it may be over a month ago, my life has sort of spun out of control these last 6 weeks or so) Gretchen posted a photo of a group of women but didn't say anything about the photo. She asked that we make up a story about what was happening in the photo. I took this as a challenge and made up an elaborate tale about the women in the photo. It was fun. At least for me it was, the rest of you may have thought it was as painful of a read as this is turning out to be. Anyway, I thought I'd pass along the torch a bit. Post a photo and ask if you all will write a little something about it in the comments or if you are in a storytelling mood; a post about it.

I know very little about this image. I only know the album that it came from. I do have a story going around in my head about it though that is dying to get out.

What do you see in this photograph?

Be creative.

I plan to be.



  1. "Each woman stood in line. Each with her certificate in hand. 100s of jobs that needed to be filled, 1000s of applicants."

  2. The rest of the women had to shield their eyes from the brave female with the dark frock, afraid one of her shoulder pads would give them a bruised face. Fashion forward would come with a price..

  3. MB: Great!

    SK: I more than chuckled over this.

  4. Okay, I'm thinking. Don't know if I have enough in my brain for a whole post, but I'll see what I can come up with.Love it!