Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's just the simple things.


I don't need to shell our for Playboy. JR is perfectly happy with the free Victoria Secret catalog. He's just so happy with the simple things.

I'm pretty happy with the 8 pots of basil I just planted.

Nessa and Tripper have taken up sitting in front of the bar. It took us awhile ( I didn't say we were quick) to figure out why. This is where we keep their dog treats. I thought maybe that was why we went through so much vodka.


3 hour drive to Austin on Monday. 3 hour drive from Austin on Tuesday evening. Wine has never tasted so good.

JR and I were watching Palladia last night. The featured artist was Led Zepplin. JR had seen them in 1975 and I saw them in 1977. What we remember most? The blue cloud of smoke that filled the arena.