Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Picture Essay - Spin Cycle

This week's Spin is Photo Essay and Gretchen offered up a photo out of her own personal stash for everyone to write an essay about. I took that as a dare. Go read what she wrote...go on, I'll wait. See? It was a dare; wasn't it? Yeah, I thought so.

Here's the photo. Followed by my essay.

After the day that the girls had in the steno pool they really felt that they needed to blow off a little steam. That Mr. Roberts was on a tear again and when he is there is not fast enough shorthand in the world to appease him.

With their fingers aching with cramps the girl popped open a few beers, lit up a few smokes and let down their hair.

Beatrice or Bea to her friends was regaling all the girls with the latest on dit about Gloria in accounting and her new boyfriend. Bea was the fashion plate of the bunch. She was the one that all the other girls looked up to. Her, with her rolled down stockings, pill box hats, and brightly flower tops made all the others feel just a little daring by just being with her, inside she was a huge ball of insecurity but the girl's would never know. She was just to the left of the wild side and a little on the right of tawdry. The others loved her for it.

Janice was the joker. With her unfashionable long dark hair which all the men loved and her bright and bubbly humor, she charmed everyone around her. Using her hair as a mustache, who would think to do that? Janice would, that's who. She's always clowning. The only problem with Janice in the girls eyes was the fact that if you got a couple of beers in her, which was the case tonight, Janice became a little sloppy. Not in a bad way, just in the fact that you had to pour her into bed, way. It amazed the gals that the next morning Janice was once again bright and chipper while they all had sore heads.

Betty, (gawd, how she hated that name, could her mother have named her Elizabeth? No! It was just Betty. Plain ole Betty. Straight up boring Betty, gawd! Did it get any worse?) sat slightly bored or maybe just a little drunk (maybe she shouldn't have indulged in that second beer) watching the antics of Bea and Janice. Her day had been particularly bad. After getting chased around Mr. Thomas's desk by no less than Mr. Thomas, the old goat, she caught a snag in her last pair of hose. This, of course, turned into a major run. At that point, even rolling them down like Bea's wouldn't have worked. Not that she would have rolled them down. She wasn't near as brazen as Bea. While she knew that she would never be a flashy as Bea or as madcap as Janice she was smarter than both of them. It was an acknowledge fact among the group. Betty was smart. How else could she have risen to the rank of steno pool supervisor? Not by getting chased around a desk that's for sure.

Linda and Carol were sisters and as like as two peas in the same pod, even though Linda was the older by 10 months. Linda and Carol had an inside joke about how THAT happened. Anyone seeing their parents would have wondered how they were ever conceived in the first place. That Pop was a sly one. They loved hanging out with the girls after work. Bea and Betty had a place of their own which meant that the girls could kick their heels up without their parents knowing. Their parents were always safely tucked into their bed when the girls rolled in late. Then again their parents must have spent a lot of time in bed considering that Linda and Carol were just 2 of 12 children.

As the evening rolled on Linda and Carol helped slightly sloshed Janice to bed (she was once again crashing at Bea and Betty's place. Really, she might as well move in and help with the rent), walked to the nearest bus stop to catch the #59 to their home, where undoubtedly Mom and Pop were busy making number 13 of their ever growing brood. Just thinking about THAT made them queasy.

Betty (boring Betty, *sigh*) crawled in next to where Janice lay softly snoring, thinking, "why is it that Janice always gets put to bed in my bed? Why not, Bea's? Oh well, at least she doesn't take up much room."
Bea locked up the apartment, checked the windows, turned out the lights and went to bed, knowing that the other girls would never realize that for all her panache she was still that insecure little girl.

Good Night.

So there is my Photo Essay. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone. What a horrible adage but it makes my point. I've fulfilled Gretchen's photo essay dare (don't tell me it wasn't, Gretchen) and Jen's Spin Cycle for this week.

Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. Your essay was FAR better than my stab at who was in the photo and what they were doing!

  2. I am totally voting for you~!
    You're linked!

  3. I might have to take up this challenge. I love your story! NOw I'm inspired.

  4. I LOVE it!! And of course it was a dare, though I didn't expect an entire post! Cool. How close to the truth?'ll have to check back tomorrow.

  5. You are so creative! I kinda want to be in the room with them and see everything your wrote about their personalities play out for real!

  6. That is one very cool take on the whole picture essay challenge. After reading what you wrote, I'm reminded of my mom and her stories of her time working for TWA in New York City in the 60s.

  7. You are a genius! Loved your essay - and now I'm anxious to see how close your story is to the 'real' one as noted by Gretchen's comment. ;)

  8. Jim started watching Mad Men on Netflix last night. This? Is better.

  9. Could have really happened, yes sireee!

    Good post!


  10. Thanks Everyone. This was a whole lot of fun. I had planned to work on it after work then the next thing I knew it was done. Sometimes stories seem to work that way for me.

  11. Definitely deserving the prize!!

  12. This is awesome! I love how you just took off with the photo. I could never have come up with anything nearly as creative!