Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RTT - A list

It's Tuesday again. Where did the weekend go? I'll tell you where mine went...down the drain that's where. Anyway, let's do this random thing that Stacy started hosting when life caught up with Keely. Totally understandable. Sometimes life is a bitch like that.

Some of you may already know that I spent my weekend in the hospital. I got a little sick on Friday night and The Boy (let's start calling him Dr. Boy since that is the direction he is heading. More about that when I get permission to write about it.) so Dr. Boy determined that I had something that was pretty serious. Turns out the Emergency Room doctors (the ones with real medical degrees) agreed. Me? I thought it was no big deal but obviously I was vetoed.

Now, I hadn't had an overnight hospital stay since The Boy Dr. Boy was born and I'm not really sure that counts since I was only there long enough to say; "this is ridiculous! You nurses never give me a chance to sleep and you are screwing up the baby's sleep schedule. I'm going home!" That was a day and a half after he was born. It seems I have a low tolerance for this sort of thing.  Actually I have a low tolerance for bullshit unless of course I'm the one spewing it. Maybe I should work on that character flaw. Nah.

So here are 10 random things I thought while in for 3 days,
1. I'm spending a whole lot more money here than at a luxury hotel with a whole lot worse service. 

2. Clear liquid diets do not include white wine or vodka. Really? Who knew?

3. Nursing staff shift changes are the one time when you REALLY need a nurse. 

4. Vegetarian soft diet includes a turkey sandwich and Jello. I clearly indicated that I was a vegetarian, over and over again but what to they bring me 1 hour before I'm released and after 3 days of nothing but clear liquids? A turkey sandwich. 

5. Morphine.

6. Morphine. (FYI, morphine, access to a smart phone and social media do not mix. I'm just giving you all a heads up.)

7. If you have veins the size of thin spaghetti noodles that like to collapse at a moments notice your arms will look like you are a junkie by the second day of your 3 day stay. After 3 days you will have far surpassed any junkie in bruises and needle marks.

8. They have better wireless than most of the 5 star hotels I've stayed at and it's free. Take that Loews in Philadelphia and your $25 dollars a day crappy wireless!

9. Sleep is non-existent. Every 4 hours someone will wake you up. Day or night! 24 fricking hours of the day. Could be a nurse, phlebotomist, CNA (the nurse's assistants), the cleaning people, the person who brings your so called meals, the actual attending doctor (though really, they rarely show up) but someone will conspire to not let you sleep when that is what you really need.

10. You give up all modesty just to feel better. In fact, I would have given away family members, my membership to the American Librarians Assoc. (not really a hard sell there), and possibly my wine fridge to feel better. Modesty was the least on my worries.

There are plenty more where these came from but I won't bore you any longer. Just know I'm feeling a little better today, I haven't got anything that will kill me (though there were times in the last three days that I thought it would) and that I finally used that insurance that I pay for through the nose every month. 

I would suggest that you go read other RTT post from people that aren't whiny babies like I am. You'll find them here.


PS: this wasn't all that random was it? Must be because I'm no longer on the painkillers.


  1. Need I say it's nothing that will kill you? Beloved and I are both relieved to hear that.

    Hospitals are no place to feel better, much less get well. But I think you know that.

  2. I think I meant to say "Need I say I am happy it's nothing that will kill you." Yeah, that was it. :)

  3. Truly, the nurse who impressed me the most was the one who was able to get my vitals without waking me up my third night in the hospital during the great kidney stone adventure. That sneaky night nurse was worth his weight in gold.
    And I hear you on the junkie thing. Stupid blood suckers (lab people) and their obsessive need for more samples.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  4. I do hope whatever ailed you has been fixed

  5. Why is it that they're all over you to be quiet in the hospital but its the hospital staff that makes all the noise?

    Glad you're better.

  6. WHAT?!
    I did NOT know you were in the hospital!
    Really glad you're okay, thank you, Dr. Boy for pushing her to go, but oy!
    I fail to see the correlation between vegetarian and turkey, but then again I also fail to see the correlation between hospital and service. Neither one goes hand in hand. :-/

  7. love #3 you are so right working as a nurse for many years this is the busiest time very often for sure come see me at

  8. I'm so glad you're bouncing back from this. I hate that you had an emergency though!!!!

    I sure would love to read your morphine induced tweets and such!

  9. I hope your veins are looking better, and that you are up and around. Sounds awful. I hope somebody brought you a well-stocked View-Master to cheer you up.

  10. Glad you are home and recovering from your hospital stay. As someone who goes frequently I have to agree with all of your points. Dead on about you can't get any friggin' rest when you are in there cuz they are forever wanting to wake you to give you something to help you sleep. AAARRRGGGHHH!

  11. Morphine, a cellphone, and social media?? Oh dear!!!
    Hope you are back on your feet once again!
    My only hospital visits other than babies were morphine induced. Wowsers that stuff knocks the snot out of you....and pesky little kidney stones!

  12. Morphine, a cellphone, and social media?? Oh dear!!!
    Hope you are back on your feet once again!
    My only hospital visits other than babies were morphine induced. Wowsers that stuff knocks the snot out of you....and pesky little kidney stones!
    The whole hospital food thing is frustrating! Not much on there for a kid with a ripped out throat either. :(

  13. Wait...WHAT? You were in the hospital for 3 days??? Thank god you're all right!

    I totally agree with your entire list - if my head rattled (and if you could hear it through the computer) it would have made quite a racket with me nodding emphatically while reading. ;)

    BTS Countdown, Menopausal Mother Nature, George and the Cherry Tree(s), Anti-Paparazzi Frog: RTT Rebel

  14. Wait....vegitarians dont eat turkey?