Friday, August 12, 2011

Push in your damn chair already! - Spin Cycle

This week's Spin Cycle is about habits, good or bad. Personally, I don't think I'm going out on a limb in saying that I have both good and bad habits. And plenty of them.

Good? brushing my teeth. 
Bad? forgetting to floss. 

Good? wearing my seat belt.
Bad? not setting the parking brake. (In my defense, we live in flat land country so parking brakes are not a must. Just as most Texans don't believe turn signals are a must.)

The list goes on. And, on, ad nauseum. The one that annoys me is people that don't push in their chairs when they get up from the table, any table, every table. Possibly, probably most likely it is the librarian in me. I don't remember doing it before I became a librarian and I've seen other librarians do the same thing. We wander around the library pushing in chairs. (okay, maybe it's just me but I swear I've seen other librarians do this) It's that sense of order. All things must be tidy. They must be in their place. They must be categorized. Chairs must be pushed under the table! Isn't there a rule about this? Well, there should be.

One would think that this obsessive need I have to have all the chairs pushed under the table must just make JR cringe, it doesn't. He laughs then pulls a damn chair out. Then walks away. The Jerk!

Our breakfast conversations sometimes go like this;
Me: Could you push your chair in when you leave the table?
JR: I could.
Me: So, why don't you?
JR: because I might want to sit down again. Leaving it out is more efficient.
Me: no it's not, you just like to screw with me.
JR: No honey, that's just an added bonus.
Then he picks up his lunch pail, walks out the front door leaving the damn chair pushed out from the table. Damn him!

I've been known to push chairs in at restaurants, bars, and anywhere that there are chairs to be push in within my vicinity. It's crazy. 

So, while this is not a bad habit per se it is frustrating one; for me at least. Do you all even realize how many chair are in this world? And the number of people who don't push theirs in? Oy!

OCD & out,

PS: It seems that there are bad habits of every type out there as there are people, go check out some others.


  1. Uhm, yeah. I was thinking, "No, I don't have that problem" when I realized the thing I hate most about little o's need to stay in a booster seat is that with the seat on, I can't push his chair fully under the table. I completely understand this one. For me, it's a space thing. If you can conserve the space, why wouldn't you? Larger walk ways, less clutter.

  2. I should have been a librarian. It would help explain SO MUCH about me. :-)
    You're linked!

  3. Yes! I am not a librarian but I do the chair thing all the time anyway. Apparently I missed my calling in life!

  4. I do have a tendency to push chairs in, but it not necessary.
    I am an obsessive pillow straightener. The couch cushions and pillows being out of order drive me nuts. It's even worse because Turbo like to make piles/nests out of blankets and pillows. My fingers start itching when he really gets going.

  5. Squeaky doors are my thing. Ones that move in a slight draft. Bloody maddening.
    I take it you have your own little thumb-screws for the man.

  6. I have a bad habit of not being normal....I know I know who is normal these days. But I make it my lifes work to do things that will drive most people insane. Like waving at people as I dive by them and yell things like 'you dropped your doughnut!' Or going into a store and pressing all the dancing/singing hampsters on the shelf as fast as I can. So the people working there can here that over played dance tune going off from about 50 different starting points.
    I dont kow I just cannt help myself, and god help you if I have been drinking!

  7. I have the same conversation with Terry, he tells me the rubberband that connects the chair with the table is broken therefore the chair doesn't go back in.