Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our current addiction

We've been watching this show for about a week now and we are hooked (line and sinker). It's about the middle of season 3 for us and two of our favorite characters have left the show. JR is particularly upset about this last one. She is rather pretty but I don't think that is the reason. I think it has more to do with her character's seeming kindness. Which is hard to find in this bunch. They do seem to be rather a manipulative and underhanded lot. There is all that intrigue. Then again that might be why it's good TV. Back to JR's fav. It could be because she is pretty and he likes eye candy as well as the next guy.

JR was talking to his brother on the phone about the show last night. Turns out that his brother is not a newcomer to the show like we are. Paul (JR's brother) started to tell JR about which characters come and go and do whatever and I could hear JR saying, "don't spoil it for me." Don't you hate a spoiler? 

Speaking of Paul, he's coming down to visit us in November. He's never been to Texas and he has some strange notion that he wants to go to a dive bar wearing a big hat and carrying a flag. I'm pretty sure we can accommodate that request. JR will be taking him on what we like to call "The Grand Tour". It consists of a triangular drive from Houston to San Antonio to Austin and back to Houston. They have discussed the addition of Dallas to that route which is completely doable.  We should have great weather by then. Paul's from up in the frozen north of western Washington, so 80 degrees in November should feel nice. With the weather we've been having lately I dream of 80 degrees.

Speaking of weather, according the to we are in for a cold snap. Cold like in less than triple digits. More like the low to mid 90s. I say bring it on! Even if it comes with rain.

Speaking of rain, we need it. And bad! My tiny patch of a lawn is dead. The bedding plants are sad and my herbs and veggies are holding out only because we water them nightly. I have a rule; when water gets scarce, food gets watered. This rule has been in effect now for at least a month. Makes for some very sad bedding plants. But, it looks like they are in for some rain soon so all is not lost. At least for them. I think the grass is a goner.

Speaking of a goner, I need to be one. Off to work I go.

Stay cool everyone,


  1. I'm so glad to hear about the rain! Will they be getting some up in Dallas? I'm worried about family with all those fires.

    You know, Beloved and I were just talking about how summer is almost over here in NE Ohio. It began snowing in October last year and didn't stop until April. *sigh*

  2. Jan, I sure wish summer would be over. If only to get away from this dreadful heat. I'm not sure about Dallas. In fact, I'm not sure if we'll get any rain at our house. It will rain across town but not a drop where we live. Strange, huh?

  3. You must document that hat in the bar event if it occurs! I'm sad your grass is a goner this year. Usually ours turns crisp and brown by July, but this year it's as green as ever. Weird considering the high temps we've had and lack of rain (except for the Irene moments, of course).

    Hope your work day today is great!

  4. That name wouldn't fly on these islands at all. So here it's called Spooks.

  5. Vince: They do call them Spooks don't they. Spoiler is what we call someone that gives away the ending of a book, movie or TV show.

  6. Thanks Blue. I hope your day goes well also. Pictures will follow the hat/bar event. There may be blackmail fodder.

  7. Gorsh...hope the rain comes soon for all of Texas soon.
    We had over a week of close to those temps. Was great on getting hay wrapped up but not so much for the wilted farmers.
    Now I am in cooler temps but humidity. Cant seem to win!

  8. I wish some of our rain would head your way...we need it to stop so we can put the hay up and start combining the beans. What a year this has been!


  9. Don't forget to check out the World's Second Largest Pecan in Seguine! The largest is actually in Missouri.

    - Jay

  10. I wish I knew what MI-5 was - maybe I am just baffled with bullshit!

  11. Well, Be I bet you are baffled with bullshit but I love that part of you. :)

  12. Speaking from the north of the frozen north of western Washington, I find that comment insulting.

    We'll be coming for a visit in early January.

  13. After your post and Gretchen's I think I need to go find some british tv to watch...

  14. I'm really going to need to check out the MI-5. But don't spoil it for me. ;)

    We're finally getting rain, rain and more rain - and the weather is FINALLY cooling off here! Hope it's doing the same for you. :)