Thursday, August 25, 2011

More SEM cartoons

These are part of a new collection that we are working on for the Digital Library. The original are held in our Art and Architecture Library. I think they are fantastic!

 The graphic quality appeals to me as do the colors.

The representation of the clothing worn in the 1920s is wonderful. I have a doll that was my mother-in-laws. When her aunt was sewing her trousseau she practiced by making clothes for this doll. I still have the original dress. It looks a lot like the ones in these pictures.

I remember being told stories about my great aunt going a little wild and becoming a flapper in her twenties because of an edict from her mother.  The story goes; my aunt was a teacher in New Mexico. She met a man while there and they fell in love. He asked her to marry him. It seems that her mother was against the marriage. According to family lore the mother broke up this relationship for two reasons. This man was a traveling salesman which was his first strike against him. The second and the worst was that he was a foreigner. He was Canadian. Oh the Horror! Anyway, my great-aunt was commanded to return home to St. Louis and this man was to never darken their doorstep again. Being the dutiful daughter she did but as an act of rebellion she became something of a wild child. I still have some of her 1920s beads.

 I like these photos for the social aspects. Look at all of the band members to see what I mean.

I find it interesting that the women are either fat of very thin. 
The men seem all about average.

I like them so much that I think that I'll print them out and frame them for my new office. I need some art down there very badly. 

I thought you all might enjoy these so I just wanted to share.
Have a great day


  1. Art deco was a very jagged culture. Most of the people that were it's avid followers drew a goodly portion of their wealth from the WW1. And in one of those very nasty twists of fate had many of their kin killed between the West Hoek and Strasbourg. We, today, would call it survivor guilt. But you will have noted that the age of the faces place their youth in the Tens rather than the 20s.
    While the musicians were riddled with TB.

  2. I love how you have incorporated them into your banner!

  3. Huge blow out, that 2nd to last :)))

  4. I want to be a student in your class! I'll bet you will be delightful, fun and interesting.


  5. I LOVE those! You should absolutely put them on your walls.

    My Aunt Verna was a similar story! She went to college at Baylor, which was so strict and Baptist, that the story goes that she actually tied bedsheets together, climbed out the window and ran away! She eventually got a law degree (this was the '20s!) and went to live in Hawaii, of all places. She witnessed Pearl Harbor. Crazy.

  6. It's funny to see these here today. Last night we were reading "If I Ran the Zoo" by Dr. Suess to LG and little o. I commented that the pictures (and some of the words) would NEVER fly in a children's book today. The way he portrays ethnicity is... dated, to say the least.

  7. Those are cool. You can't trust those Canadians, you know, she was probably better off.

  8. I LOVE these pictures. Yes, I see what you mean about the drawings of the musicians. I've never seen any photos of flappers who were other than skinny. Interesting.

    Good on your great aunt. You don't hear those types of stories anymore, thankfully.