Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RTT - 10 reasons why I have to keep this short.


I'll be keeping my random short today and here is why;

1. My big laptop became intimate with a Trojan on Friday. A truly unpleasant and uncomfortable occurrence for all of us. People that develop computer viruses should be shot and pissed on.

2. I have appointments at about five different places today. One of which is the computer store at the university for my laptop and another is my ob/gyn for me. Feels like the same place for each of us.

3. We are moving closer to town on Saturday. The house is a hot mess of boxes.

4. Microsoft Security Essentials. The word Security is a misnomer. It should say, "Microsoft we are essentially open for business".

5. I can't paint for a week. Okay, I lied. I left my watercolours out but it's not the same.

6. JR is under the mistaken impression that all the crap that won't fit into places around the new apartment will go in my new studio space. Yeah, right!

7. Moving + computer virus + furlough day = no new easel for Michele. Truly sad.

8. My fingers are too fat to type on the mini's keyboard for long.

9. My mini and I have become even better acquainted and my eyes have become strained looking at the little screen. I still love you mini but you're just a tad small for everyday use.

10. I have to pack my studio today. *sob*

I hope you all are having a better day. I'm positive that Keely and friends have much more interesting and lengthy random posts today. Go check them out.


PS. I'll be sort of occupied for a week or so as we settle in so if I don't get around to visit please bear with me. If you don't see me for a month send help!


  1. Oh dear! Moving? Didn't you swear never to do that again?

    Hope the new house is great, and you get your new easel.

    And I am not sure whether to admire you or not for managing to make a computer virus sound like an STD.

  2. I agree - people that develop computer viruses should be shot and pissed on. Amen! Sorry about your infiltrated laptop - hubby's computer succumbed to a trojan this weekend, too. Not fun!

    I'm tired just reading about your whole upcoming week and move! And yeah, I'd be posting signs or something on your studio to the effect of 'Michele's Space' or 'Studio ONLY'. ;)

    Good luck with the computer repair the OBGYN and the move! If you're absent for a month, I'll have a search party at the ready! ;)

    RTT: Rain Delays, Kiddie Pool, Cookouts Galore and a Rat.

  3. Ditto on the virus developers. Let's pee on them FIRST.

    I'm going blind on a regular sized laptop so I can't imagine working on a mini.

    Have fun at the ob/gyn. Ick. Just thinking about it.

  4. My hubby's work computer got sick last week. It required a complete lobotomy and reboot. No fun. Hope you computer gets well soon.

  5. My husband has a little notebook, which he loves, but it drives me crazy. Too little for my big "man hands". Good luck with all the craziness!You will persevere!

  6. Good luck with the move. And I hope your computer gets better soon.

  7. Computer viruses drove me to get a Mac... best thing I've ever done.

    Good luck!

  8. Our iMac came with a smaller keyboard. I had to get a larger one since I do not like the small function keys.

    I will be sure to send out a search party if I don't hear from you in a month. You're probably buried in your studio under all that extra stuff.

    The best of skill in moving your stuff from one place to another.

  9. That's the NICEST thing that should happen to those who develop and distribute computer viruses.

    I do NOT envy you the moving.

  10. In some cases, being intimate with a Trojan means you're protected. Bummer.
    Get that studio unpacked first and foremost!

  11. Holy cow you have a lot going on. I would go bonkers with all that on my plate, AND a virus to boot.

  12. You poor thing with the trojan. I hope you get it off soon and good luck with that move. It's a lot to handle all at once!

  13. Oh, moving is so much; good luck and take your time. Kapersky is great antiviral and spyware; I've been exposed to some bad crud and, so far, survived. Knock on wood!

  14. I always wonder why they named a condom brand after something that is associated with infiltration.

  15. Oh, wow! A and new house and a new location. How exciting! And a new garden! Take some photos so we can see!