Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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JR stumbled across this so I just had to share.

I don't tend to make this blog into a forum for my own politics because I really believe that we all have differing opinions and no one's is bad. Some days I can't really help myself. So here is a quick one that I promise I'll try not to repeat. I can't guarantee because damn I don't make the rules. I just follow them and exclaim how incredibly stupid they are.

No matter what you think about the Huffington Post you can't possibly dismiss the fact that the Texas Board of Education has gone too far. Don't want to read the Huffington Post? Try any of the other legitimate news sources. Google Texas Board of Education and textbooks. They've voted against adding Hispanics to the history of Texas. They call into question the separation of church and state and erasing Thomas Jefferson from American history books as the most important figure in the enlightenment and replacing him with the 17th century English Theologian John Calvin is a travesty. My friend Matt-Man over at Bagwine posted an awesome response to these actions. Jeff Schneider wrote an open letter to the Board that says exactly what I would like to say.

Don't think this effects you? Think again. Texas is the largest buyer of textbooks. Publishers are going to want to make the Board happy. That means you textbooks are going to reflect Texas Republican dogma. Yipee!

End of rant. Sorry, we'll move right along.

How JR and I spent our weekend.

Like this

With this

No hating now. It's just not very attractive.

JR and I have started watching a show called Top Gear on BBC America. These guys are hilarious. We laugh until we cry. Plays hell on the mascara, JR's not mine. It's waterproof. (he's going to kill me for that one) If you haven't seen them go watch the linked one.



  1. Everything is bigger in Texas they say, and that obviously includes right wing ideologies who care nothing about the truth of the past and the future education of our children.

    As for your weekend pictures? I was saddened as I gazed upon them, for JR looks as though he longs for some meat. Cheers and thanks for the link!!

  2. The textbook changes are a bit scary. Seems like we should be beyond all that now.

    And it sounds like your having fun - good for you.

    Happy RTT.

  3. Those changes are crazy/scary. I loved your dips on the patio (I'm assuming it was a patio!) I stopped eating white potatoes until I go on vacation in June, so the chips looked especially amazing.
    Hope things are going well... I'm finding my way back into blogdom!! ;)

  4. To be able to sit outside and not freeze from a frigid rain? Looking forward to that day!!

  5. I'm so with ya on the Texas crap.

    Happy RTT!

  6. sort of like the news. LOL (oops I should not laugh at this serious subject. Seriously).

    I have a lot of research to do now.

  7. No surprise on the textbooks - public education has been skewing history in textbooks for YEARS. Ah, don't get me started...

    I am jealous of your weekend. Not just the food, but even more so the weather. It was cold and rainy here over the weekend. It is going to be cold and rainy this coming weekend. *sigh*

  8. I used to live in Texas. Lots of awesome and lots of crazy all mixed together. Unfortunately the crazy has taken charge.

  9. I read that about the textbooks this morning. I agree, they've gone too far! Happy RTT!

  10. That Funny or Die video is hysterical! Yeah, I heard about this Texas textbook thing too. It's so worrisome, and Jay's right. It's like the patients are running the asylum.

  11. Texas can rewrite history? The big hair comeback is starting to make a whole lot more sense now..

  12. Glad I homeschool. Education in public school is getting more screwed up every day.

  13. Will Ferrell is the best Bush ever. Two things I won't talk about - Religion and Politics. Someone always gets mad lol.

  14. Top Gear is my favorite too! I can't decide which makes me hotter. The accents or the cars.

    Okay, I lied. It's the cars. And the twisty roads. Then the accents. Vaa-vaa-vooom!