Friday, March 12, 2010

Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme

I love herbs.
I love to grow herbs.
I love the smell of herbs.
I love the look of herbs.
I love to cook with herbs.

I grow several different herbs in my kiddie pool gardens. Right now I have cilantro, flat leaf parsley, marjoram, sage, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and lavender.

I grow and use a lot of basil but the cold weather killed it off.
I've been very sad.
Basil is like crack for me.
Sort of like catnip is for JR's cat.
Basil makes me roll around on the floor and drool.
Okay, not really but it's basil power over me is pretty complete.
I need to plant some basil this weekend. I have the seeds I'm just not sure whether I have the patience to wait for it to grow. I know myself too well. I just know that I'll break down and buy a basil plant at Lowes or Home Depot. I'm weak. Weak when it comes to basil.

A couple of weeks ago I cut 4 sprigs of rosemary off my plant. I stripped off the lower leaves to use on bread or potatoes. I can't remember which. The springs that were left I put in water. All four have now rooted. They are sitting in clear glass bud vases on my kitchen window. They have lovely spidery roots. They make me happy.

I plan to plant them in pots placed near my front and back doors. The smell that wafts up as I brush by is so pleasant. I'm a big believer in planting good smelling plants by the doors of your house. I don't know what it is but there is just something welcoming about it.

At the last house that JR and I owned we lined both sides of the walk from the street to the house with rosemary and lavender plants. They created a lovely fragrant hedge.

Do you plant nice smelling plants next to your doors or am I the only weirdo?



  1. I have Russian Sage growing in my yard, currently dormant. I don't think it's edible, but the smell is out of this world! And I love the purple/blue flowers

  2. I, too, grow herbs - the purple sage and garlic chives are threatening to take over the side of my house. (The picture of the rosemary sprig made my mouth start to water, too.) It makes me sad that it will be almost 2 months before I can safely plant the annuals like cilantro and basil, and it will be even longer before the perennials - the thyme, tarragon, rosemary - grow enough to be used.

    I've been thinking about planting some lavender, but I've heard that it will take over a garden like mint will. Any suggestions for containing it?

  3. I am an herb freak too. Just need things that smell good! I have to replant basil each year here, And rosemary and some others. Even the lavender has a hard time with the winter winds. NJ was colder but easier on the garden.
    I never put sprigs in a glass of water to root tho....thanks for the idea!

  4. You have a green thumb. Rosemary does not grow here, inside or out. We are way too dry or else I over water it or....

    I love herbs, just to smell them and walk through them letting there order swish in the air...


  5. Don't forget mint and scented geraniums in pots by the front door. I have a few pots of chocolate, pineapple, apple and lemon mint besides the usual spearmint. Haven't been able to find scented geraniums locally for a few years,tho'. Would dearly love to find some ginger geranium again - it makes dainty white blooms and smells like heaven

  6. I'm lucky if I get John to water the currently dying potted palm on our front porch. He does take Sprite out to water the dirt that should be grass in our front yard though. Working on it!

  7. I'm lucky if I get John to water the currently dying potted palm on our front porch. He does take Sprite out to water the dirt that should be grass in our front yard though. Working on it!

  8. Wifey always sends me out to the back to get some herbs when she's cooking. And every time I need to ask for a description of what I'm looking for.

  9. I would, if the stupid winter wouldn't come along and kill them off.

    I have a whole garden bed dedicated to herbs. I never do anything with them, but I have like 4 different varieties of mint.

  10. "Weirdo"?? Holy cow, it's the most NORMAL thing....

    Lavender's my fave

  11. There was a time when just one of my vegetable gardens was 20' x 40' and I would plant at least 15 different types of vegetables. Of course, I was much younger then and had fewer activities in general.

    My garden has been downsizing over the years and now I pretty much just grow tomatoes, peppers and cukes for a salad garden. Oh yes and basil.....many, many basil plants. I agree, it's like catnip. There is nothing I like to eat more in the summer than freshly picked tomatoes and basil added to fresh mozzarella....I'm drooling. Hurry summer!

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  13. Admit it, you like to smoke herbs too. Teehehh.

    I like the smell but get headaches from just about everything so I don't keep anything smelly around the house. Well, except my family.

  14. I am a herbaholic. I have a pot of rosemary I've had going for 3 years. I bring it inside in the winter. Two weeks ago, I paid $20 for an "herb keeper". It's a plastic tube with a water basin to keep herbs fresh in the fridge. I know I could just use a glass, but this thing is so much cooler.

    I just planted my cilantro and my basil plants are 3 inches high. (I've planted 8, but will do 10-20 more.) It's too cold for them outside yet, but soon!!!