Saturday, March 27, 2010

But mom! He's a good boy.

I just stumbled across this humorist so I had to share. For those of us who have gone through the teen years you'll think this is funny. For those of you who are coming up to the teenage years keep this in mind. For those of you who are in the teenage years. God bless you.



  1. Thank you for that. It is always good to keep a sense of humor when dealing with teens. Years ago, when I began teaching high school and my kids were 2 and 4, I did not think about the day when I would come home from teaching teens to a house filled with my own teens and their friends. I plan on taking a very long vacation someday to recover from this period.

  2. My kids teen years were only really stressful when it came to driving. I am a psychotic driving teacher. It got ugly. I LOVE Jeanne Robertson. We first heard her stories as we drove down to Florida listening to satellite radio. I think that performance you linked to was at Elon University. That whole show is hilarious.

  3. thank you for that. A. I needed a laugh and B. Phoebe WILL live in a convent until she is 30

  4. I've been "enjoying" lovely teenagers invading my sanity for the past 11 years with 5 more years of it to go!!!!! Every time I run away in hopes of finding ONE moment of sanity my so called freinds tell me I must go back!
    So here I the dream!