Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RTT - Cactus soldiers


I can't be perfectly sure but I think that someone with anal-retentive tendencies had to have planted these cactus. Look at them. Cactus do not ever line themselves up like stick straight soldiers naturally. What were the homeowners thinking? Did they have an effing tape measure out? I can just see some guy out in the blazing hot sun with a tape measure. "No, No, No that one of the left is a half a centimeter off. Move it to the right. MY Right!"What was I thinking? Looking at houses in Tucson for fun. Torturing myself with sunshine and 70 degree weather when it has been 50 and rainy here. *sob*

Darvon, nyquil and some sort of fish paralyzer.

Using a tissue to stop massive blood loss gives me the giggles.
It's only a flesh wound.
I have watched this about a thousand times and I still laugh every single time.
Maybe I should see someone.

This outfit was much more appropriate for an Alaskan winter then it was in Seattle in August. This poor baby probably wasn't so much sleeping as he was in a heat induced coma.

That's enough out of me. head over to Keely's place to check out all the other's random thoughts.



  1. Oh my god, is that a picture of a dead baby? Look at it's color, that thing doesn't look well.

    It's been cold and rainy here too, brr. Let the northerner begin mocking us now.

  2. How do we know that that's not just a detached head in that suit? There should be an investigation. Cheers Michele!!

  3. I think it was me and my OCD that planted those catus!

  4. There are great swaths of Northern Michigan where the Civilian Conservation Corps planted white pines, all in perfect grids. It's very strange to drive past, 60 years later when they are all 75 feet tall.

  5. ROFL @ Matt Man...

    I would KILL for some 50 degree weather. And some sunshine.

  6. Thanks for the warm picture of cactus!!
    Go ahead add to my envy of Maria and James going to AZ to see the cactus!! LOL They leave today and get to spend a glorious week in AZ.
    What am I thinking? The weather dude said last night that things were going to "warm up" for us today. Its a toasty 21*. Soo sooo toasty. (His brain is frozen ...we wont mind him none. He will thaw out eventually.)

  7. Hey- 50 and rainy would make me happy...

    Have a great Tuesday!

  8. That's the creepiest looking teddy bear I've ever seen. I would never get that for my kid. ;-)

  9. Haha, that poor creepy little baby outfit... Yikes!

  10. 50* I am jealous. Sigh Rain...rain and NO SNOW!!! Sigh, Sigh.

    50* I could be so lucky.


  11. I'm with Casey - that baby looks like it bears investigating.

    And I bet the inside of the cactus house is pristine.

  12. Google isn't letting me comment for some reason today..

  13. That baby is scary. The person who did the landscape like that should be flogged.

  14. American videos discriminate - they never let me watch them just because I don't live in USA. What do they have against Australia?

  15. I'm getting really tired of videos that don't stream outside the USA. It's not my fault you live in a crappy country. =P