Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RTT - conversations

Random Tuesday thoughts. Not a lot rattling in my head these days. Here goes anyway.

My parents got a WII for Christmas. They have been playing golf and working out I guess. Whatever they are doing with this thing they love it.

Mom: Kevin got us a WII for Christmas.

Me: He always gets you the cool presents. So my donation of a bee hive looks pretty cheap now. I need to talk to Kev. Did you get the WII Fit?

Mom: I guess so. We play a lot of golf at night.

Me: Sure you do mom.

Mom: Huh?

Me: Mom, do you know how to turn it on?

Mom: No honey but Bill does.

JR was watching the games this weekend. He made mention of the buyers of advertising's need to be the official supplier of name product here.

JR: The NFL has the official bank, the official car, the official whatever, they should have the official condom.

Me: Hahahahaha...that would be good.

JR: They could print the team logos on the condoms.

Me: they could say: "If you're going to score wear the St. Louis Rams condom. They could use the points". Or something like that.

Then JR said something totally sick about the back field and motion and the conversation went downhill.

Phone conversation with my mother.

Me: Hi. I'm returning your call. Sorry I didn't call earlier but I was stuck in a meeting.

Mom: Hi. Who is this?

Me:'s Michele

Mom: Oh, my middle child. You guys are so easy to forget.

Me: Is it any wonder I have issues.

Mom: No darling it's not.

Head over to Keely's place. Grab the button and play the game.



  1. LOL!!! Maybe the NBA should have the official condoms tho!!

  2. Kath, you are too funny. The NBA would need the double xl size.

  3. At least your mom is honest about forgetting you. ;)

  4. Oh, your parents are funny!
    I am so impressed they can handle the Wii technology. Mine can barely handle a cell phone; my mother said she was having trouble contributing to the Haiti relief because no one is giving out phone numbers anymore, and they have no computer!
    Sounds like your middle-child complex is justified. Don't tell my older daughter, please...

  5. My mom often confuses my voice with my sisters. And I'm the baby, aren't I supposed to be the spoiled one?

    Happy random Tuesday!

  6. JR and Beloved would get along REALLY, REALLY well.

  7. Oh, to see those commercials during the Superbowl. People get me and my mom confused on the phone.

  8. AHAHAHAHA! Maybe JR should hurry up and patent that idea...genius! ;)

    Too funny that your parents got a Wii for Christmas - and that your mom doesn't know how to turn it on. It's always the opposite in our house - I'm the one who knows how to hook the electronics stuff up and how to work them, hubby just goes along for the ride. And he's the one with the Electronics Engineering degree - go figure. ;)

    Your phone convo with your mom reminds me of ones I have with my dad. And he always tries to add years to my age as he gets older. Before you know it, I'll be older than him! ;)

  9. Hahaha. I wish my mom would forget me some days. My mother-in-law too while we're at it. Yeesh.

    Maybe if I bought them both a Wii they'd be too busy to call! ;)

    Happy RTT.

  10. Love the NFL condoms! My parents have a Wii, too. They got it Christmas 2008, and I think they've played it twice without the rest of us there with them.

  11. How kewl that your parents enjoy the Wii. One of these days I hope to try one and see what it's all about. Love the conversations ... especially the second one ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. I am SO glad my mom stopped at two kids. She always knows which one I am. And usually blames me for it. You know, on second thought, being a middle child may not be so bad after all..

  13. how warm and fuzzy our folks can make us feel. My dad sometimes answers the phone' What?"

  14. Ha, your mom totally forgot about you. So sad but the Wii probably has all sorts of new blood flowing in her brain and making her dizzy.

  15. Your mom (or at least your representation of her) is hilarious!

    I think you're on to something with the official condoms...