Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Give This Photogaph a Title - Wordless Wednesday = FAIL

I need a title for this image.
Something catchy.
So, I'm calling on all you clever people to help me out.
I'm not clever.

The prize for coming up with a terrific title
will be.....
a CD chock full of images from my wonderful vintage postcards.

They make great blog images, I've been known to print them out on photo paper suitable for framing, make birthday and holiday cards out of them, and use them as painting inspiration. My newest use is to take all the Christmas ones and string them like garland. (Yes, I am garland poor these days. I can't seem to help myself. There is garland all over the place. I hadn't even wanted to decorate this year and now look at what has happened. The garland is growing and I fear soon will take over the house. If you don't hear from me for awhile please call the authorities as I've probably been strangled by the garland.)

So if you want a shot at this collection of postcards leave a comment stating your title for this photo. One entry per person. If you have more than one title I say go for it but I'll only enter you once. I usually don't get that many so I'll close the contest on Sunday. I also think it will be fun for you to vote on the best title so I'll put up a survey on Monday. There must be a way to do this through Survey Monkey or something.

So have at it,



  1. Drink now before yer gut gits full o' holes.

    'If you don't hear from me for awhile please call the authorities as I've probably been strangled by the garland.' - LOL!

  2. "After a long day of gunslinging Claude really needed a drink"

  3. "Without money for holsters, George apparently decided he couldn't afford to kick the bucket either."

  4. Before every gunfight, Jed always fortified with some of Doc Garland's Liver Oil: For When the Long Arm of the Law is a Little Tired.

    If you have a gunfight that lasts more than four hours, please seek medical attention.

  5. One thing I can't do is captions but I love that photo!

  6. "You know what they say about a man with a big bucket and big guns, don't ya?"

  7. Great picture! Happy WW from Germany and Romania!

  8. "A Bud in the hand is worth two aimed at the bush."
    Seriously, why am I allowed to comment?

  9. I'm not even going to try, you have to give that one to Jen...awesome comment!

  10. "Guns Don't Kill People. Drinking Hooch Out of a Dirty Pail Kills People."

    Cheers Michele!!

  11. Then Johansen let out a belch and lost both his testicles.

  12. Take a big drink and then reach for the sky, Pilgrim!

  13. Milk, it does an about to be bloody body good.