Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RTT - Proving I'm a Dork One Interview at a Time

It's the day of the week where randomness reigns. Keely's got it all going on over here. Go check it out. After you get done reading my post please.

I'm feeling more dorky than ever today. I think there are stages. Yesterday I was scared dorky. Today is nervous dorky. Why this week more than any other? Well you should ask. This week was the official unveiling of my digital library. This was a big deal. At least in my mind.

Part of this big deal was that I was interviewed by campus media. This scares the shit out of me. Why? Because I know myself. Here are some things that I know now about myself in relation to this interview:

  • I know I should look to see if they posted it on the university website.
  • I know I should do this before some intrepid librarian does it for me then posts it on YouTube. (cause you know they will)
  • I know I should see if they sent it to the PBS station on campus.
  • I know my hair looked like I had stuck my finger in a light socket.
  • I know stuttered.
  • I know I wish I had the confidence of MaryAnn.
  • I know that I didn't have the confidence of MaryAnn so I most likely looked like a dork.
  • I know that the interviewer was really nice to the poor stupid librarian standing before her.
  • I know that the interviewee was really a dork. More than a dork. Wait? What is more than a dork?
  • I know that this is only one of the interviews that I have to give. Next up is NPR.(hold me).
  • I know I am so screwed.

We just found out our that our beautiful girl doggie, Nessa, is allergic to the proteins in regular (aka cheap) dog food. What does this mean? It means that we have the choice of buying her prescription dog food or vegetarian dog food. Let's look at our options a little more closely.

Prescription dog food: made with duck, venison or rabbit and costs the moon. (too hoity toity for this household). Now, I'm no mathematician (why I went to library school) but I'm thinking that when a 16 pound bag of dog food costs $60 and I have a 65 pound dog to feed. It's going to cost me?????? Uhhhhhhh....wait, I was never good at story problems let alone algebra. TOO DAMN MUCH!!!

Vegetarian dog food: Let's run our numbers one more time. Okay, let's not. A 16 pound bag of veggie dog food costs about $10 plus shipping but if I buy more than 2 or 3 bags the shipping is free. Even I, with my limited math skills, can figure out that our dog is going vegetarian.

You asked for it. So I'll be doing it. I'll be posting the spinach and cheddar dumplings and the olive pasties (pasties....snicker...I'm so immature) recipes on Friday or maybe as late as Saturday. Since, I'm a fly by the seat of my pants cook I'll need a day or two to remember what and how much of what I put into each recipe. Then try them out one more time because I'd hate to give you all faulty recipes. JR will love me even more.

It got really cold down here last night. Into the low 40s. That's cold for here. Cold enough that JR wanted to turn on the furnace for the first time. Being the tightwad that I am I told him; No, just go put more clothes on. We decided to just go to bed instead. Move along, nothing to see here...... HA! fooled you. We're too old for that kind of thing on a week night.

Well, it's getting to be time to head to work. Let's see if I can top yesterday's idiocy. This ought to be a no brainer since I have a 3 hour lunch meeting with a bunch of architects. At least they won't be talking about architect thingies and if I'm real lucky I may be able to pick up some consulting work. It's a shake of the dice today. ****Come on, mama needs a luxury cruise****

That is enough out of me. Scroll back up to the link at the top. Yeah, I am too lazy to link it down here, thank you. And if I was really demanding I'd insist that you leave a comment. Maybe the word insist needs to be changed to beg, plead, or whine since I'm feeling pretty vulnerable today. it's that whole interview thing. It totally freaked me out. Can ya tell?



  1. Are you going to post a link to your interview? I am certain you did very well!! (But I would be freaking out too!)

  2. Interviews with NPR, spinach and vegetable dumplings, dorkiness and vegetarian dog food all in one post.

    Only here. And I love it.

    Can't wait for the recipes!

  3. It's amazing how many dogs are allergic to so many things.

  4. Maybe you could make your dog's food? I have seen recipes on the internet before, and heard of people doing it. I have no idea what the cost would be compared to the veggie dogfood, but maybe you could research it and see how much trouble it would be to do it.

  5. Dorky Mcdortion! That seems to be the theme today so far in the blogs I've read today. ha. I wonder why. Maybe it's the dork in me...

    You need to post your interview here before it hits you tube. From the way you write I doubt it will be anything (too) awful. :) Tell us more about the whole reason for the interview cuz I'm too stupid to understand what you are talking about. Even though you do have my dream job. Other than the interviewing.

  6. Whew! A fellow dork...I'm not alone! :)

    So...are you going to heed the pleas of the other comments and post the link to your interview? Inquiring minds want to know... :)

    We used to have a dog that was allergic to wheat - so we had to find dog food that would work for him and try to keep him from eating the other dogs food...that was tricky!

    I'm really looking forward to that recipe! Sounds yummy! :)

    Happy RTT! :)

  7. Great job getting all that neat stuff online! I remember reading about the 1947 explosion - judging from the pictures, that was one hell of an explosion and mess afterward.

    Next time you do an interview, take the dog. The NPR kids will want to talk to the dog, and you'll be off the hook, dorkiness and all. Or not :-).

  8. I'm sorry. As soon as I read NPR.......... huh? Whoa, fell asleep again. What is with the monotone voices? Maybe you'll wake them up.
    Proud of you though! And you're not a dork. Your site alone makes librarians sexy!

  9. I'm sure the interview went great.

    Your so passionate about your job - it's bound to come through.

  10. oh sick about interviews! i had one this morning too...i am SURE you did well...and i hope you have good friends and family who told you so!

  11. Whatever...I'm sure you totally ricked that interview just like you rocked that digital library. Because, let's face it, that thing is super cool.
    Besides, I love ya like a sonofabitch. =]

  12. NPR? You're scaring me and I'm not even doing the interview! Good luck!
    Looking forward to those recipes, ya big dork! ;)

    (ps. I'm one too)

  13. Ok, I"m reading backwards so I already saw the video and you totally nailed it. You didn't stutter, your hair was beautiful (I actually thought as I was watching that your hair looked good) and even though you are a geek, you're a cool one. And that nitrate explosion, wtf?

    So have you thought of feeding Nessa a diet of chicken and brown rice? I've heard of people doing that. Dunno how costly it would be though. Oh, you could raw feed her too! I know you hate meat, sorry. Jamie wants to raw feed our dogs but I'm all, nuh uh, not happening.

  14. Oh! Good! More recipes. YUMMM

    I'm posting a dog cookie recipe today.


  15. So where is this link to the interview??

    We feed our dog RAW food. I don't make it myself because it's too much pressure to get all the nutrients right (and yet I have a toddler) and it IS more expensive, but there's less poop and I know she's not getting a bunch of preservatives etc.