Thursday, October 8, 2009

Golden Gate Park - Japanese Gardens

I went to Golden Gate Park this afternoon. Or yesterday afternoon since this won't post until tomorrow morning but you know what I mean. (shakes head at inane dribble) I saw a small portion of the park. It's like flipping huge. I now have enough blog fodder for about a month. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (I'll try to understand when you all stop following me. I'll just cry into my wee pilla)

I thought we would start our tour with the Japanese Gardens.

Everyone get in queue. Get out your $7

and please stay on the paths.

The place was beautiful.
The leaves on the maples were starting to turn fiery red.
I could get all contemplative and philosophical
but I won't because that would totally ensure that
you would stop following me.

The weather was warm (for San Francisco) which made the
Koi hide under one of the many stone bridges.
It wouldn't be a Japanese garden without
(look at the dork taking the picture. It is little wonder I didn't fall in.
That would be just like me)

Lots of pagodas.
Because? Well, it's a Japanese garden.
They do things like that.
Actually, it was probably just me.
I take pictures of water and
where there is water in a Japanese garden there
is bound to be a pagoda.
I'm pretty sure they have some sort of
significance but I couldn't tell you what it is.

There's another one.
Nah, I'm just kidding with you.
It's the same one.
The picture is just taken from a different angle.
It the water I's tells ya.

Let's call this one a temple.
I love the red of the building against the
green of the trees.
It's like they planned it that way.
Which I'm fairly sure they did.
The Japanese are clever that way.

Japanese gardens never cease to amaze me.
There is some sort of beautiful view at every corner.
Each aspect the you take in there is a harmony of textures
and colors.

Sorry about the over exposure.
My netbook doesn't have any photo editing software on it
and my poor little point-n-shoot tends to over expose everything.
It could be the operator.
The camera has settings and such but that
would require that I find and read the manual.
Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Look at all the pretty shades of green.
I didn't think I was a big fan of green having seen so
much of it when I was growing up in the Seattle area
but living in Phoenix for a few years has made
green the new black for me.
Plus it matches my eyes.

Quick stop in the gift shop.
For batteries and postcards.
This little bobbely head thing caught my eye.
Yes, I am distracted by shining objects.
I did resist the kittah.

Everyone line up for the obligatory photo in front of the temple.
Yes, the sun is shinning.
Yes, it is 75 degrees.
Yes, I am wearing a coat.
There was a breeze, okay!

Next up is the botanical garden. I think I'll split that one up. Hopefully, it will make it less painful for everyone.



  1. The pictures are beautiful and serene. I want to sit there and meditate.

  2. Enjoyed the walk thru the Japanese gardens with ya!!!

    Beautiful pic of you!!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful place. I think I could stroll through there for hours!

  4. I feel so calm right now, I will put down the donut and pick up the carrot. Thank you! And you showed your face! Hello, Gorgeous!

  5. I always wanted to have an Oriental garden for my own. I love these photos.

    You look like a teenager.


  6. thank you so much for this extraordinary excursion! EXACTLY what one needs from time to time!

  7. Good thing you didn't fall into the koi pond, those little bastards would have eaten you.

  8. Lovely.

    And I am totally jealous that your pictures and text worked. I am having serious issues with this lately. But enough about me...


  9. It's a beautiful place. I remember my uncle taking me to an oriental garden somewhere in SF - wonder if it was the same one (At age 9 I tended to be more interested in the gift shops than the names of places.)

    I liked your commentary. This is one follower who won't be scared off!

  10. The Japanese Gardens I remember! I love San Francisco. It's been too long since we were there. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  11. Nice shots, thanks for the walk through! And a coat in 75 degree weather? I guess living in TX (or FL), that is cold.