Friday, October 9, 2009

Golden Gate Park - Botanical Gardens - Part 1

I was drawn to the fragrance garden within the botanical garden. I likes me some smelly flowers and plants. I thought you would like to join me on this little walk.

Here is the stone marker at the entrance.
When I loaded this onto my computer it sort of looked like a headstone to me.
It is actually laying on the ground which doesn't
preclude it from being headstone-esque.

Lovely, huh?

I love lavender.
I love to cook with it.
I love to smell it.
I would love to roll in it.

If it wasn't so spiky.

The garden had about 4 different types of lavender.
The top picture is Yellow Lavender
The second picture is English Lavender
(I think. The picture is too small on the netbook)
The third picture is Spanish Lavender

Statuary is tucked into corners and buried deep within the shadows.
I'm not sure you can see it but there is
water falling from the monks (or possibly a saint. Let's just call him a guy in a robe) hands.
It was so lovely.

So tranquil.

The next two photos are of scented geraniums.
Have you aver planted any of this?
You must do so next summer.
I plant mine by the front and back doors of my house.
That way my guests, family and myself are
greeted with the wonderful spicy scent.

I can't think of a better way to welcome people into my
home but with a lovely scent at the door.
Unfortunately, it usually raises their expectations of what's inside.

I'd roll in this.
Speaking of rolling in herbs.
Our first dog enjoyed rolling in the lemon thyme
at our front door.
She smelled all lemony fresh.
It's a nice memory.

Rosemary is another plant that usually finds a
place at my front door.
Rosemary is also a great plant to bring into the house.
Beyond it's wonderful cooking potential.
It makes a great add-in to floral arrangements.
Strip off the leaves that will be in the water so it doesn't rot.
They will also root in the water.
Then you'll have even more.
(good grief, I have to turn everything into a learning event. Sorry)



  1. I love to learn new things...I wonder if Rosemary would grow where I live. hmmm. I do have lavender and I plant geraniums along the front of my porch. Lavender scent if my favorite. After freshly baked cookies.

    Are you on a Garden Tour? I did not know SF had so many of them. I had another thought in my head and now it is gone. Darn.


  2. I will never have to go to San Fransisco. I feel like I'm there!

  3. Beautiful! Wonderful! I have 24 plants of lavender...I love lavender. Thanks for showing me more. I did not know there was a yellow lavender, now I'm on the hunt for one myself!


  4. I so need to move back to the West Coast! Unfortunately, the husband job makes that near impossible, but I dream about it.

    (And I love the lessons. Keep them coming.)

  5. That is so absolutely gorgeous! I have a huge bush of English lavender at my house and it smells heavenly when it's in bloom.

  6. Lavender makes me stabby. I know it's supposed to be calming and all, but I once made batches and batches of lavender soap and now I can't stand it.

    Thanks for the tour!

  7. Too bad they haven't invented "scratch 'n' sniff" blog posts yet!

    I love all the information you pass on ... it's not 'teachy' at all!

    You'd get on well with Kitcat. She has to go through the lavender and rub the flowers on her fingers, and then she moves on to the geranium to see hoe it's doing, and finally she walks over the mint to release the fragrance.

  8. Paul and I both LOVE botanical gardens. We visited Golden Gate Park many years ago for a brief visit. I don't remember if we saw the garden.

  9. I'm chuckling at your nice-smelling front door leading to a stinky house. The headstone thingy looked like a t-shirt to me.