Thursday, October 1, 2009

Endless Summer – The Postcards Tour Finale

Mike's been touring the world, virtually, for the last few months and decided to end his tour at our place. My only hope is that the dogs will leave him alone long enough for him to swing himself into the hammock and take his first, of many, sips from the drink I'll be serving. He'll be needing that drink later in the evening because I've got plans.

I'll let Mike tell you all about it.

Endless Summer – The Postcards Tour Finale

I started this tour just as summer was beginning, so it seems fitting to end it just as summer draws to a close and autumn takes over. It’s been fun and I’ve met a lot of great people, but touring is tiring, even in the virtual world, so I’m taking advantage of that magic we call the Internet to round up the Kindness of Strangers Tour by relying on the kindness of several strangers at once. In a way, making my final tour stop to ten locations simultaneously seems the perfect ending for it—one big autumnal burst before quietly fading away.

This tour began as a means of promoting my book, but it soon became an end in itself and took on a life of its own. Very often, I found myself having such a good time “visiting” people around the globe that I forgot to mention the book. To date, my trip has taken me from Britain to Canada, Australia, sunny Spain, Tenerife and even back to my own hometown, ending up in Texas with Michele, living a dog’s life.

This is the proper final stop for my tour. Michele was the last to offer her hospitality and I was pleased to accept; the southern US states are renowned for their hospitality. Michele tells me, after I put this post to bed and officially end my tour, we’re going to go out on the town with her friends to celebrate in style. I’m a bit apprehensive about that; these librarians really know how to party and I’m not sure I can keep up. When Michele invited my down to “It’s a Dog’s life” I had visions of lying on the porch, languidly shooing the flies away and maybe scratching a bit, but her friends seem keen to introduce me to something called a Flaming Sambuca. This is sure to end badly, but what the hell; you only have one End of Tour party.

I have to say, of all the adventures I might have imagined for my life as a young boy, touring the blogsphere on other people’s blogs was not a contender. But then the idea of leaving my quiet, rural life, moving to England, marrying a foreigner and writing a book about it never occurred to me, either. I’m glad and grateful for having done both, however, and although the tour is coming to an end, the adventure continues.

May yours continue as well.

Thanks and Good-bye from
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So long Mike. We enjoyed having you. You come on back now real soon. Oh, as a parting gift here's a lint brush for the dog fur.



  1. That's so cool, Michele. How do I get him to virtually come to Bagwine, Ohio? Cheers!!

  2. Such the hostess! Why is it that booze is always involved, Michele?
    Congrats on your tour, Mike!

  3. You're a great hostess, Michele! I'm going to read up a little more on his book now. :)

  4. Interesting!! Flaming Sambuca? Have fun!

  5. Matt: I cna't speak for Mike but I would be honored to come to Bagwine for a visit.

    SK: I have no idea where Mike got the idea that booze would be involved.

    Blue: If I had been a truly good hostess I'd have read his book or even taken the time to read up on his book. My bad.

    Kath: You can Google that drink.

  6. Super cool!

    Yes, I need more info on this flaming Sambuca. Is it dangerous?