Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RTT - You got Bacon in my Chocolate


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And awaaaaay we go.

According to news reports the recession has changed the way us Americans have chosen to spend our entrainment dollars or lack there of. In order to save money we have embraced family game night, staycations, and family dinners around the dining table. Just like our grandparents, we have learned to tighten our belts and enjoy simple pleasures.

That could explain why "dog dildo" was my top search. Why should we be having all the fun at home? Why not our dogs?

#4 made me wonder also. I know I live in the South (and no hate mail from those of you in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. In Houston, we are, geographically speaking, further south than you are.) but I don't think I've ever talked about "butt condensation" on this here blog. Well, sure, since moving here I've learned the meaning of the term but I haven't used it. I have a whole lot of other vernacular to describe the itchy sweat rash you can get around the legs of your panties down here but "butt condensation" doesn't even come close. I'm sad to say my language is a little saltier.

And, #18? Is Montel Williams peddling emulsifier on the shopping channel these days? Did I not get the memo?

Who in their right mind thought this would make a good confection? Did someone in some meeting think to themselves; "mmmm the smoky saltiness of bacon and sweet creaminess of chocolate would sure hit the spot right now."? Was it the pork producers or the confectioners? And do these two industries actually have meetings together?

I can just hear the brainstorming session right now.

"We need some new add-ins for our chocolate bars."
"Rice Krispies?"
"Been done to death"
"Too predictable"
"What a brilliant idea! Bacon, brilliant I tell you. Tom, put together a focus group".

If you all could do me a big favor I'd surely be appreciative. Could you check out my work site? University of Houston Digital Library. If you like it great. I know it needs work because it is so vanilla. Later today I plan to sex it up. Anyway, what I'm going for here is page views. Google and it's damn algorithm is a big popularity contest and my site is not fairing too well. Sure it's only been live for a month but I'm an impatient mama. I want my baby to be at the head of the class. So please please please wander through it a bit. View 10 or 15 or 30 or all 600+ pages and I will come up to your house and cook for a week. (limit time offer. winner must provide airfare, food, pedicure and facial)

That about wraps it up for me. Let's review; staycations need to include adult toys for your dog, chocolate is better with bacon (ewwww) and a shameless plug for my work that will only benefit me. Yep, I'm done.

Have a great day everyone.



  1. Bacon and chocolate are two of my favorite things but I don't think I approve of the two together. You and your dog dildo searches. Maybe you should set up a side business? You've already got the traffic coming your way.

    Checking out your work site now.

  2. Wow...And I thought folks who visited my site were odd. Judging by the referers to your site, you are freaky. Cheers Michele!!

  3. My SIL says bacon and chocolate are a great dessert. Of course I am going to just trust her on that one.

    The site looks good. will check it out more later.

  4. Do you think the dogs would like bacon flavoured chocolate?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love your Top Searches list. How do you find out that type of information?

    Sorry about the deleted comment. I hate making spelling errors.

  7. Perhaps someone would like to emulsify Montel Williams? I know I wouldn't object.

    That bacon/chocolate bar would go mighty well with the bacon-flavored vodka I saw at the liquor store, and the martini I invented in order to use what has got to be a truly disgusting libation (honestly - bacon-flavored vodka???). I say you add the vodka to a chilled martini glass, add a shot of pure maple syrup and garnish it with a slice of hard boiled egg - voila! You have a Denny's Grand Slam Martini.

    As for the website - it takes a good 6 months to become properly indexed in search engines, especially Google. Nor does Google really care what your site looks like - "sexing it up" and making it look pretty won't help your rankings. Google cares about content - there's no real content on your home page, which is the first page a search engine sees - you need more "what this site is all about" information, at least, on the home page. Once the search engines begin indexing your site (and the easier it is for them to index your home page, the better) the content within the site will begin to get more hits, especially for targeted searches.

    If you'd like to know more about what Google looks for in a website, check out this page: You may need to create an account with them to view it, but it's free and easy.

  8. I guess this could test that theory of "everything tastes better with chocolate".

  9. Am I the only one who will speak for Vosges? That is an AWESOME chocolate bar. I also had the chocolate-covered bacon on a stick at the Wisconsin state fair and it was delicious. So were the chocolate-bacon cupcakes I made. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

    RE Butt condensation. I remember sticking to the furniture when I lived in Houston. I also remember carrying socks and a sweatshirt to class when I was in college there because it was steamy outside but air conditioned to heck on the inside. My glasses would fog up when I went back outside. When I wore them, that is. I was stupidly vain. I wonder if I might have gotten better grades in calculus and chemistry if I had been able to see the board?

  10. Chocolate and Bacon?


    I do however look forward to any butt condensation or emulsification of Montel posts. Talk about your unexpected topics!

  11. You are amazingly talented!


  12. I don't get how bacon and chocolate made it to the brainstorm session. I certainly don't get it how it made it past focus groups and into production.

    Maybe we're the ones who are the fools and it really IS good?

  13. Bacon and chocolate. How about a bacon and chocolate flavored dildo. Ah? I know I'm a genius

  14. I checked out your work site and enjoyed looking through quite a few of the pages.

    (got here through Mike's Blog Tour)

  15. Butt condensation?

    We used to call it "Swass". It's short for "sweaty ass" but it sounds way more respectable.

    We won't talk about "Swalls".