Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WW-Weekend Stuff

Weekend stuff

It seems that hot and humid Houston is only really good for ferns and basil. Not so much for parsley and thyme. Just remember, hot, humid, hell and Houston all start with the letter H.

I do have to say that ferns love hot and humid. This fern started out in a small 4" pot. We had to transplant within a couple of weeks and now it looks like it needs to be done again.

I have extolled the virtues of RoadID before. but I wanted to do so again. Noah's RoadID bracelet gave the information that the Emergency Nurses used to let me know that he was in critical care. $15 has never been better spent. After our emergency I promptly got one for JR. He is allergic to bees and carries an EpiPen. The people that he works with need to know this. Emergency crews need to know this. Doctors need to know this. If he is ever stung again it could mean his life. My marathon running friend Ronda has one. My daughter-in-law has one. I'm thinking of getting one, though I rarely run by myself and have no medical conditions that might cause an issue. I like the security of knowing that emergency personal won't have to go rummaging around trying to find someone to contact if anything should ever happen and I'm not able to give them information. 

I decided that Nessa needed her own RoadID. Why?  Because she didn't have any identifying tags. She is chipped but sometimes people/vets/etc don't check that right off. So I bought her her own RoadID. It has her name, city that she lives in, mine and JR's phone numbers and her chip number.

I feel much much better. If she ever gets away from us, which she is such a wussy I doubt this will ever happen but if it ever does, then I feel much better about getting her back.

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  1. Okra also likes hot and humid, but I can see how that might be difficult to grow in a pot on your patio.

  2. It's been warmer here--hitting 100 in our backyard--the tomatoes have been loving it, so have the peppers we have back there. THe rest of the area is only getting into the upper 80s. Our backyard has an interesting little greenhouse effect.