Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Epicurean Zombie International Travel Guide


 The Epicurean Zombie 

International Travel Guide 


 Attention international gourmet zombie travelers. 

Having a hard time finding the most succulent brains in the world? 

Just trying to eat well while taking in the sites? 

Don’t be stuck eating the second best in brains. 

The Epicurean Zombie International Travel Guide will guide you to the best and worst the world has to offer. The authors have taste tested the world over to bring you the most current information on skull cuisine. From stuffy British brains to adventurous aboriginal grey matter the authors have brought together a book for the epicurean zombie who is capable of reading and has a discriminating palette. 


Rome: When in Rome as the saying goes and when you are in Rome be sure to fest on the brains of the pasta and wine loving Romans. Carbs makes good fat and as everyone knows fat equals flavor. 

Paris: C’est la vie! The creamy sauce leaden cranial masses in le gai paris are tender and ripe. As this is the city of lights it will not be hard to find and capture the citizenry. 

Rio de Janeiro: If you prefer your brains a little more on the well done side than you’ll want to do your munching along the beaches of this southern city. These brains have been slow roasted for that succulent BBQ flavor. 

This book is jammed packed with helpful hints and trade secrets from some of the most well-fed zombies in the world. Don’t miss out on getting your copy at better bookstores everywhere. 

Please refrain from eating the sales personnel until after your purchase.

This was a little thing I wrote up one day when we needed enough text to check out a piece of code. It is my take on something that I had read but adapted it for my own. 



  1. AHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so going to share this with Princess Nagger when she gets home - when you hear peals of laughter from our area, you'll know what it's from. ;)

  2. Sigh, if Turbo wasn't totally freaked out by Zombies, this would be perfect to share. Since I don't want a gangly bed hog sharing with me tonight, I'll enjoy it all by myself.

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  4. Nope, not eatin' that, no way, no how, nosireeBob!