Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RTT - New Converse, Colonial America, socks


You know sometimes it is the little things that can make you the happiest. For instance my new tennis shoes.

I, now, own 8 pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. In fact, I have a pair to match just about everything I own, this includes dresses and skirts. I'm a firm believer that Converse tennis shoes go with anything. Sure, I have the standard issue pumps (I keep them in my credenza at work) to wear when I have to meet important people but normally I just wear my Chucks with whatever I decided to wear for the day. Case in point, today's outfit is a black and white flowered skirt, black t-shirt (also, a staple in my wardrobe) and I've paired it with my black Chuck's with a purple, green and red heart pattern. Stylish and comfy.


This is a cool blog post by A Media Specialist 60 websites on colonial America. If you are a history buff like I am you'll spend a happy hour wandering through these sites. I'm crazy about the rare maps link.


I tidied up my sock drawer on Sunday afternoon. Wow! What a mess. Now, it is all orderly. I used my new Converse shoebox to make a drawer divider. It proved to be the perfect size. I found 12 ankle socks that had no mates. These mate-less socks will not go into the trash. They are destine to become cleaning rags and assorted other second purpose items. As cleaning rags, they are great for cleaning horizontal blinds, windows, and dusting the furniture. Just slip one on your hand and off you go. I also use them as iPod, cell phone and small electronics cozies. I cut the ribbed elastic part off for a cheap scrunchy for my hair. I've been known to cut 5 holes for my fingers  for berry picking scratch guards though knee socks work better for this purpose.


I've finished a painting for a friend of mine. It is another reclining nude but this time she is facing away from the painting. I'd show you a photo but I need to upgrade my picassa account so Blogger and I are having a little bit of a tiff. Then again, Blogger and I have had several tiffs before so I should be use to it.


I've been retraining myself to cook these days. Recipes that made 6 to 8 to 10 servings are out for us now that we are going to be empty-nesters.  This has been an interesting transition for JR and I. In the last 29 years we have only been without at least one child in the house for 8 months. Dr. Boy went to visit his uncle in the Dominican Republic this last week so we have had some practice time but our this new phase in our life becomes official around the first of July when he leaves for school. We shall see how we feel about this in September when the honeymoon phase wears off.

For now with regards to cooking, I am cutting back recipes to 4 or less servings. If I make enough for 4 I have some leftovers for breakfast or lunch. Usually, it is breakfast because as far as we are concerned there is very little that doesn't go with eggs. Example: today was leftover yellow squash, tomato and smoke Gouda casserole scrambled with eggs. Yummy and filling! Tomorrow will be an omelet with leftover wild mushroom ragout (last night's dinner). I can hardly wait.

I think that is about all that is rattling around in my head these days. What's up with y'all?



  1. I love the look of Chucks but every time I try them on, I think they make me look disproportionate. I think I need to try them again.

  2. Get yourself one of those label makers and a chest freezer then you can use army proportions. I've found cooked frozen veg meals are to die for.
    And if you can figure out how to plate them before you put them in you won't even have to set a table. Further you could cook one evening and not cook for a fortnight.

    Oh, with Piccassa, get a stick and download to it. That softens googles avarice.

    Mind you I never thought I'd fill it, nevermind twice.

  3. You do Chucks; I do Crocs. I have 11 pair in various colors and styles. I just love the darn things; I'm not sure why, but I blame Mario Batali.

  4. The only socks that have missing mates in our house belong to Sprite. I found the cache of rogue feet warmers in her toy box. When questioned, the only suspect answered," my rest friends need to keep their feet clean."

  5. Where's the picture of your stylish and comfy Chuck's, hmmmm? ;)

    I'm with Jen - the only mate-less socks I have are Princess Nagger's. Not sure I'd be able to use them as cleaning rags for my giant hands, but I'm definitely going to give it a try. Genius idea! :)

    Now that we've added Little Dude to our household, I'm finding I'm not cooking enough - considering he eats twice (or three times) as much as Princess Nagger (my little nibbler) does. Funny that I'm having to adjust up when you're having to adjust down. But I second Vince's suggestion - our freezer in the basement has been a lifesaver for making ahead for an army and having enough for quick and easy. ;)

    Summer Heat, Christmas in June, Misspelled Fun, and 20 Mules

  6. I'm a CROCS girl...I wear them everywhere all the time, any time.

    So I hear ya!


  7. I hope you like the empty nest better than I do. I think it stinks! And I'm in awe of how resourceful you are with unmatched socks. I never even thought to put them to use. You're a smart one, missy!