Monday, May 21, 2012

10 things I'm thinking about today

I couldn't think of anything to blog about today. Okay, that it not completely honest. I want to post about the painting that I am in the middle of but since it is a gift I don't want to give it away. BTW, it is awesome! Plus, this is not an art/painting blog. This is much more narcissistic blog. So I thought I'd list off a few things I'm thinking about. Ready?

1. Dill pickles are tasty.

2. Probiotics interfere with my diuretic which makes me puff up in the humidity.

3. Watching The Barefoot Contessa make clam chowder makes me want to make a vegetarian version. I bet I could.

4. My new painting is coming along. JR likes it. I wonder why?

5. I believe Nessa needs a hair cut. 

6. I'm leaving for Phoenix soon. It will be fun to see all my friends and maybe learn a couple of new archive tricks. Sitting by the pool won't be so bad either.

7. JR and I are house hunting over the long weekend. 

8. I would kill to be able to play my ukulele like this guy does.

If you thought that was awesome check this out

9. The whole house is gearing up for Dr. Boy's move to Oregon. Plans are being made, cars/trucks are being serviced, furniture donations are being considered in preparation.

10. Potatoes au gratin can always be made better with tomatoes and chilies.

So that is what I'm thinking about right now. Care to share what is at the top of your mind?



  1. 1. This martini is tasty.

    2. I LOVE the painting.

    3. This martini is tasty.

    4. I'm going to have to send the link to the ukulele video to Darling Daughter.

    5. This martini is tasty.

    1. Did Be make your martini? We so need to meet up some day.

    2. No, not this one - this is a simple gin martini. I spent all day doing sales tax returns for about 40 states, so I have no guilt about the martini, but I made it myself. And YES - we DO need to meet up. I'll make sure Beloved brings his martini shaker. ;)

    3. Did I ever tell you that I use to do the same thing?

    4. I remember you saying you used to be a bookkeeper. I enjoy it about as much as you did. LOL

  2. Well, I had a thought, but now I just want a martini.

    1. A legitimate derailment of thought.

  3. I've always thought ukuleles were pretty cool! Didn't you guys move not too long ago? It's time to go again?

    1. We moved into this place a year ago but we have about six months left on our lease. It takes us a lot longer to find a house to buy than it does to rent. That is why we thought we'd start now.

  4. It might be deprived or even depraved but I've never had a Martini.

    I like the painting and I don't. The blankness of the face disturbs me. But those feet.....
    Are you planning to retire to Texas ?. Will you have an oil well in your garden ?.

    The dog looks healthy. That would be my reason for not clipping. There is nothing that gives me a smile more that seeing my Jess glistening with good health.
    And it might be the spuds not the El-Kay-Zee-Eye-Immuinatazz that's doing a dance in your middle.
    AND today I can't be hacked opening videos.

    1. Oh you have been deprived. The occasional martini is a thing of beauty. The painting isn't done yet. Shell have a face, arms and a ground. Alas, no feet. I ran out of room on the canvas.

  5. 1. I shouldn't have had that wine last night.
    2. Ooh, there's a glass's worth left for tonight!
    3. When did John send Michele a photo of me in the bed?
    4. That can't be me, my boobs are NOT that nice.

  6. That painting is definitely NOT a self portrait!

  7. !. Going to bed at 2am is the shits the next morning.
    2. Trying to remember from Aug whats all needed out at the cabin is the shits for this 40+ brain.
    3. Lack of sleep + 40+ old brain = real shitty
    4. Making lists are only for those who remember where they put them.
    5. One is seriously lacking in sleep if they dream about paintball.
    6. Sleep. (I bet ya figured that one out already!!)

    Happy house hunting!!!
    Stop painting pics of hubs may get jealous!!

    Nevermind. Sleep walking.

  8. Oh! House hunting....YIPEEEE!