Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RTT- Random T-Shirt sites know what to do.


Gretchen posted a clever t-shirt site on her blog today and it reminded me that I had sent Casey a link to a t-shirt that I wanted just last night. After that I thought why don't I put up random t-shirt sites and encourage all of you to add yours to the bunch in the comments. This sounded like an excellent plan and a way for me to get a jump start on my birthday and Christmas shopping. So don't be shy, mama needs some ideas for b-day gifts, add your favorite sassy crazy funny t-shirt site here.

This is the one Gretchen found: Snorg Tees

This is the one that I sent Casey last night: Headline shirts

This one from T-shirt Society is for my husband's cat:

I believe in lowered expectations and now there is a t-shirt for that:

And, last but not least because it is my favorite site...Think Geek:

What is your favorite t-shirt site?



  1. Think Geek is my favorite T-Shirt source - between me, Beloved, The Young One, Oldest Son and The Young Diabetic Friend, shirts from this site probably constitute half our collective wardrobes (my personal favorite is a black shirt with white lettering that reads, "I'm blogging this").

    Beloved also has a large collection of tshirts from local farming co-ops and markets that say things like "Friends don't let friends buy grocery store meat" and "Don't buy food from strangers."

  2. Thanks for linking! I want to get everybody in my choir this one -,233135068

  3. I totally love the one about lowered expectations!

  4. love the catnip tee. my cats act like a roman orgy when I bring it and give it to them. I grow it. and when it's green and fresh, they go nuts. and roll around on the floor like it's glorious to roll on the floor.