Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Saturday at the Farmer's Market

As most of you know we spend Saturday mornings at our local farmer's market. This is keeping to my personal goal of eating locally, organically and in season as much as possible. JR's personal goal is to keep eating. Sort of mirrors his and really it should be all of our goals to keep breathing. Now, if I can get someone to pay me to breathe then my occupational goal would be ticked off the list. Enough about goals, let's get to the food.

I have a strategy about farmer's market finds. I go to the market without a list, buying whatever looks the best then making up or finding recipes when I bring my treasures home. The only really consistent item I buy is eggs. Everything else is a crap shoot. 

This week the greens were in full force along with some lovely root veggies. The carrots were especially pretty. 

I bought some spinach. Of which some of it went on pizza, some has gone into Dr. Boy's smoothies, of which he makes every day, and the rest, well, I'm not sure but I'm thinking spinach salad with candied pecans and strawberries. The berries are still in season here.

I bought some red beets (sorry no pictures of these). These have been boiled and ready to turn into beet sliders with the green leaf lettuce I picked up (yes, no picture of this either. What can I say; I'm lame). I plan to serve these with fingerling Parmesan fries and possibly the spinach salad. Or maybe grilled cauliflower. I have some that needs to be eaten ASAP!

We picked up the lovely little grape tomatoes in this picture and are finding ourselves eating them like candy. I'm not sure they will make it into the roasted tomato and garlic side dish I had planned. 

I can't stop this post without telling you all about the flowers. They were FREAKING beautiful! Virtually every vendor had flowers to sell.

I'm pretty jazzed about the new vendor in the market. He sells milk and cream that is organic, local, low temp pasteurized, need I go on. The only thing that would make it better is if it was raw but you know that is never going to happen in the U.S.A. unless I get my own cow. Which will never happen because I hate milking cows or goats. I had to do this on my cousin's farm as a kid and hated it. So, as a grown up I've decided to leave that to someone else.  

Got to go. Have a great day everyone. 


PS: It is Monday so let's all try to make it meatless. You know it is only one damn day out of the week.


  1. *sigh* Yes, go ahead and rub it in, you and your March farmer's market.

    I made a dish the other night and thought of you - sauteed collard and beet greens with onion. I cooked them with bacon but they would have been every bit as good cooked in butter. Just wilt them down, cover the pan and let them cook until tender. To. Die. For.

    1. Sounds yummy. And, easy.

      Yeah I did have to rub it in. Sorry.

  2. I'd go meatless, if my boys would even look at a veggie. Turbo doesn't do too bad, but Bruiser won't let them cross his lips.
    Really jealous of your farmer's market. We have one, but everything seems so expensive there.

    1. Things are a little more expensive but not much. It is worth it to me but I'm not feeding a family of four anymore. I completely understand needing to stay on a tighter budget.

  3. That's a goodly array of herbs, healthy looking plants too.
    What are those yellow things, irises ?.
    Looked a lovely day.

    1. The yellow things are iris. Good guess.

      Last Saturday the place of full of plants. That typically isn't the case.

      The day was gorgeous! Sunny, 80 degrees and no humidity.

  4. Oh man, I could spend hours at a market like that - everything looks so wonderful from the veggies to the flowers! :)

  5. Very envious of your farmers markets!!

    Those lilies are soooo beautiful!! Dug up most of my bulbs and sent them home with Maria. Sadly with my going to WY with my family I can no longer take care of all my garden space so am getting rid of two of them. A flower bed. :( Strawberry bed. :(

  6. Your farmer's market is phenomenal! I especially love the colors of the carrots! And the brilliant flowers...oh you've got me in full on Spring mode now!

  7. Golly its summer there! Wonderful. I think Terry and I should move to Houston...I could go for spring, summer, and fall year round, miss winter...I do not like winter.